Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's fixed!! Ok we'll start over on the auction part (Auction is OVER, thanks to everyone who bid and dropped by to visit!) more to coem

This is the bear that decided his pay for bringing down crochet hook wood should be a few juicy apples.  And here is the wood he harvested (along with a sample apple).....
And here are the hooks made from the wood that came from the old apple tree that the bear harvested....

AND THEY'RE UP for BIDS (if blogger doesn't go gunnysack on me again)

The old guy did an excellent job of selecting PRIME dried branch stock and laying it on the ground where I could find it after he left.  We're not on THAT good of terms that he brings the sticks to me, and I don't like to think that he might consider me a noon meal (too many calories).  So anyways here they are and again I have to say the old feller outdid himself .  These are  among THE best ever gathered from the old tree.  (for those first timers to the Porch, please wander back to the beginning to learn the story of  the old apple tree.. or get a brief outline in my blogger profile.

Bearhook 1 (first hook on the left) is a beautifully colored hook that tips the scales as a J  (6mm)  and it's 7 1/2 inches or 19cm long.

Bearhook 2 is just plain magical.  It's a slender H (5mm) and has a huge bit of character from the tree in it's bark thumb rest..  I don't know about you but I LOVE this hook.  Probably just me, eh?  Anyways this one is 7 1/8 inches (18.1cm) long.  I can't be sure but there just might be some old scars from tooth marks in the bark, toward the heel end from the thumb rest.  No real idea of that's the case but we can speculate, eh?

Bearhook 3 is totally unique.  The grain figure in this hook is wild and the little areas close by the thumb rest show layer upon layer of bark that identify the growing seasons this little stick's been through.  It hasn't had an easy time of it, braving winter snow, hungry deer and bear while offering up fruit ransom before finally coming to it's final gift of itself as an amazingly remarkable crochet hook.  The stick that just keeps on giving.  It's an H and is the same size as the magical Bearhook 2, 7 1/8 inches or 18.1cm long.

Bearhook 4 is striking for it's contrasting grain color.  You never know what you'll get when you're looking at a stick with branches and bark all over.  This one came out as you see with vastly differing grain coloration. What also makes this one unique is that it's a larger size: an N (10mm).... unusual because sticks that size are usually split badly and will make only smaller hooks.  Ah but this one is a good 7 3/4 or 19.75 cm of gen-u-wine Deadman Crick Apple wood.  A beauty that with care will give generations of comfortable, warm crocheting pleasure.

There you have them.   I think I should extend the auction by a day since Blogger blocked me from posting for a day... so lets end this auction on Sept. 14 at 10pm Pacific Std. Time.  Please bid by emailing me at          jimbocrochetwhittler@yahoo.com  .  Please increase bids by $5 minimum and understand that if two bids arrive with the same amount, the earlier recieved bid will take preference.

Here we go!

Bearhook 1 Suprada takes it to $20
Doug's here with $25

Bearhook2  Paula goes $30
Karin who loves bears says $35
Paula is back with $40
Vicki takes it up to $50

Bearhook 3  Nicole bids $30
Paula raises to $35
Nicole goes to $40
Stacie ups it to $50

Bearhook 4  April says $20
Michele bumps it up to $25
Doug with a big bump to $40
Diana goes to$45
Stacie goes to $60
Diana goes to $65

AND the International Crochet Day hook contest is still running.  I'm saving the remarks from the old post and will add them to entry remarks here.  Enter to win the hook by telling me what YOU are going to to do promote crochet  on ICD (International Crochet Day).  If  blogger won't let you enter a remark for your entry, simply email me and I'll post your entry.  Again the email address is jimbocrochetwhittler@yahoo.com.
The contest will be over on International Crochet Day (Sept. 12).  Send out the word!  Crochet's the way!

This hook is extra special because it was made from a Pecan Tree that was in the path of the Oklahoma Tornado, and donated to me by a very talented friend who was also very near to the tornado's path, April Garwood.  A fitting reminder that goodness can follow tragedy, just as International Crochet Day on Sept. 12 follows and infamous day of tragedy.... goodness from the ruins.
And thanks again for your patience!!


Jimbo said...

Hello. I tried to leave a message on your blog, but I'm not too technological and it didn't work for me. Anyway, I wanted to tell you what a beautiful crochet hook you've made. And thank you for the chance to win.

I love crochet and am enjoying a renewed interest in it. Yesterday, I helped someone begin to learn to read patterns. And tonight and tomorrow, I'll be crocheting in public at my local coffee shop. It often gives me an opportunity to "talk crochet" and, perhaps, open someone's mind to the beauty and possibility of learning handwork.

Thanks again!

Cathy F
(via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...

I would love to be entered!!

Thank you

Kidge at the Ville
(via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...

Hi! I would like to enter your contest, I am LaVonneK on crochetville. I am going to be crocheting scarves (sashay scarves, the frilly ones) for Christmas presents and I am gonna be teaching my sons GF how to crochet them. She doesn't know how to crochet, and this will be something easy for her to practice on. Plus she's been wanting me to make her one. It will get her comfortable with the hook. It is just hooking under ten loops and slst through them all, figure that should be easy enough. Any way thats what my plans are for ICD. I'm glad I caught this one, I seem to always miss your giveaways. You do beautiful work!

Happy Hookin!
LaVonne K
(via Jimbo)