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I'll have a drawing tomorrow to see who wins this hook,  made from a Pecan tree that was a victim of the tragic Oklahoma Tornado.  The wood for this hook was kindly donated by the very talented crochet designer and Oklahoma resident April Garwood.. This hook is only one of two made and is a true collector's item.
Please enter the contest by posting a comment here (those who have already entered need not enter again as I saved the comments from the damaged post of a few days ago).
An alternative way to enter is to send me an email at  In either case, simply tell me what YOU are doing to promote International Crochet Day.  Simple as that.
And Happy ICD Eve!!



AngelRoseLite said...

Hi! I really love your hooks, and I don't think I have nearly enough. I have one, lol. Oh, and I have the interchangeable Boye steel hooks set with a lovely handle made by you. I only count that as one more ;)

Please enter me into your fabulous drawing. May the best crocheter win! (Okay, I'm just a bit biased, of course. Heeheehee.)

AngelRoseLite said...

I didn't say what I was going to do to promote ICD! Oops. There's no better way than to spend the day crocheting. I'll make a scarf and then wear it to dinner to show it off (though in sunny SoCal, I may sweat a bit).

Jimbo said...

I plan on doing what I do every day of the year--crochet!! Let's see--there's a prayer shawl in progress, 3 hats, 2 afghans, and several patterns for bookmarks that I've been "itching" to try! I'll see if I can finish up one project, and head into another!
Happy International Crochet Day!!
Collette G
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Just-in said...

I have just discovered the International Crochet Day and I love the idea! I'm thinking about some kind of a promotion for my Ravelry group members. But, for sure, I'll crochet today!

Kara @ Petals to Picots Crochet said...

Today I am promoting International Crochet Day by writing about it on my blog, telling folks about your giveaway, and teaching a Learn to Crochet class at my local yarn store. So fun!!

Christine Starr said...

Love your hooks! What a great way to celebrate Int'l Crochet Day!! Thanks!

Dorothy said...

Happy crochet day to everyone. Jimbo, I would love to be lucky enough to win your fabulous hook so would you please put me in the draw. I celebrated the day by crocheting of course - I'm making a baby's jacket for charity.

Jazz said...

Happy crochet day!!

Here's my page with my creations:

Jimbo said...

Hi there,
hope you and your wife are well!! For International Crochet Day I will be making poppy brooches which I sell every year to raise funds for the british legion poppy appeal. They sell really well and what better way to celebrate the day
kind regards
Chris x

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Vikki Hooks said...

Tonight I am going to babysit my grandchildren, one of whom has shown a interest in grandma's hook and thread. I believe we will be making a chain to remember. Your hooks are just awesome by the of these days I am hoping to be able to join in on your auctions.

Janina Lynet Rolin said...

Hello! I love your hooks, May the best crocheter win! Please enter me into your drawing!
my blog is
I would be honored to visit

Christina Burns said...

I would love to win this hook. I am obsessed with wooden hooks. I have never owned a hand carved one though and would love to!

Jimbo said...

Enter me in your contest -- It's the big day, and I feel the need to crochet!

Alice (Nana519)

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Coastal Collections said...

That's one beautiful hook! For me, every day is Crochet Day. I'm currently working on an afghan for daughter #1, and learning how to do mosaic crochet.

Karin Levitski said...

Wow! What a gorgeous hook! Sadly I won't have a free moment to actually crochet today, so in honor of Internation Crochet Day, I plan to dream up my next project, maybe I will finally make an afghan for myself.

wickedcrochetlady said...

Awesome hooks. Would love to win one. I just had a conversation with a person about crocheting so I guess that works for celebrating

Cherokee Beadwoman said...

Hi, I sent an email, but I thought I would try this as well, I would love to win the hook! It is so beautiful. love Carol

Trisha said...

How gorgeous is that hook?? And so meaningful. If I win it, I will crochet a gift with for a friend who lives in Oklahoma and was affected by the tornadoes. She and her family are all fine, but she is a first responder, so she was right in the middle of everything as it was happening. I would love to use this hook to make her a prayer shawl. I will make her one anyway, but it would make it so much more meaningful to use this hook!

Trudy Mintun said...

I love your hooks. They are a true work of art. To promote crocheting I will be teaching my step daughter to make her own dishcloths. I have been making them for years for her, but now it is time she learned for herself. I would love to win the hook. I would give it to her as an award for a job well done.

Jimbo said...

my bit for crochet day is that at 77 2/3 I’m learning to crochet!!!!!!!
I love wood and your hooks are beautiful. My father worked with black
walnut and curly maple and made beautiful bowls. My regret is that
I wasn’t into knitting and crocheting when he was alive to have him
make all kinds for me.
I would love to win your hook I’m sure it would feel wonderful in
my hand.

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Jimbo said...

And celebrating our new CGOA Chapter: Hooked: Ball & Chains. Georgia!

And getting ready for the CGOA conference Oct. 2 in Concord, NC.

I crochet in public every day! Everywhere!

Happy Crochet! Swaantje
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Jimbo said...

Hi Jimbo!

What I am doing to promote International Crochet Day is to start my project of giving each of my neighbors (52 of them!) a crocheted dishcloth. I plan to include a note with each of them, explaining that I am promoting International Crochet Day and at the same time promoting community by sharing with my neighbors. Random acts of kindness and spontaneous homemade, crocheted gifts are a way to show others that people still take the time to put love and effort into a craft in order to make others smile.

Thank you for what you do!

Heather H
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Mandy Jo said...

That is beautiful work! Thank you for the opportunity to win this hook, but mostly, thank you for sharing your talent with so many, for taking something from tragic circumstances (OK tornado), and fashioning it into something beautiful to behold, that will then in turn be used to create other enchanting, made-with-love items. I will be sharing this blogpost on my Facebook page as well!
( ). Thanks, again! ~~Mandy Jo

Susan Wood said...

For International Crochet Day I'm spending as much time as possible crocheting. Heaven knows I need to. I have 5 projects in progress.

Elizabeth Cummins said...

Hi! I will be crocheting as much as my two toddlers allow and I've been teaching two of my nieces and one of their friends to crochet, and they are doing great! Maybe I'll have them over for another lesson. Thank you!

Marlene Plemel said...

Happy International Crochet Day. I will be crocheting for charity today. Thank you for this great giveaway.

Resourceful Blogger said...

New fan! I love your crochet hooks and am so excited to enter your contest. I'm sharing posts from different crochet websites on all social media.

Brisja said...

I am sharing several crochet patterns with friends today, and learning a new technique to celebrate Crochet Day!

InJuneau said...

Oh what a gorgeous hook! I love it when damaged trees are so beautifully salvaged and put back to use.

cbk said...

I taught a co worker to chain and single crochet today, her tension was off and she was frustrated but we persevered until she got three good rows. A great way to spend our lunch hour!

~Ruth said...

I teach some teen girls crochet on Thursdays at our library. Today, we sat outside in the park behind the library and crocheted in public. It was fun for them to explain to the people who came by what we were doing.

Thanks so much for the giveaway. Your hooks look so nice and this is very special. If I win, I'll have to share it and the story behind it with the girls.

dshairstylist said...

Wow! Today is not only ICD, but it's my birthday. So if I won the drawing it would be a Trifecta!!!

Jimbo said...

Making baby afagan! Would love to win your crochet hook! Did you make it yourself. What size is it?

Sent from my iPad with love Loa Rose

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Jimbo said...

Hi Jimbo!

I spent my precious lunch hour crocheting in public, figuring out how to make a good friend a crocheted coffee cozy like one she saw on the Starbucks website.

It was one of the most fulfilling lunches I’ve had all week!

Thanks for the contest – good to know about you.


Laurel Ryan

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Jimbo said...

I am on my last blanket for a silent auction for the A.D.O.P.T. pet shelter. In Naperville Illinois, it will be finished tonite YAY!!

I have RA and am always looking for easy to use and hold hooks!!

If I do not win it, can I buy one, Jimbo??


Barbara Angelo

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Jimbo said...

Please enter me in your Sept. 12 contest.

Your crochet hooks are just awesome. Been crocheting for 61 years and have never seen anything like them.

Helen Rothrauff

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Jimbo said...

Hi, What a beautiful hook! Just was made aware of your site and the contest for the hook through Petals to Picots Crochet. Today am working on my purple baby caps to donate to the campaign to stop shaken baby syndrome. The hats are given to new parents as a reminder of the damage that can be done when you shake a baby. Would also love to be out crocheting in public as I don’t feel crocheting gets the attention it deserves but am a shut in for the day. The fact that the hook is made from a tree felled in the recent tornado in Moore makes it very special. We live in Edmond, OK and watched the horror unfold and still can’t think of that day without tears. Thanks for giving note of this day and of the craft. –Meredee Walsh

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Jimbo said...

I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on your blog, so here is what I am doing to celebrate:

I will be converting a vintage crochet blouse pattern to my own gauge and yarn, and starting on said blouse. It will be hooked from some lovely and slinky rayon yarn that I bought on ebay a few years back...and it will be for ME ME ME! Yum!


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Jimbo said...

I am going to promote international crochet day from Sharon walker

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Jimbo said...

How cool I read that you started ICD. Awesome. I have been spreading the word to my hooky friends. The first I heard of it was on a blog from LEBANON. Certainly is international. Congratulations.
Your hooks are incredible would love to win.
Thank you
Beth Jillette
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Jimbo said...

I would love to enter for the hook.

I will be working with my granddaughter, encouraging her in her crochet. I always have my crochet with me so I crochet all the time. Including at my niece's Wedding on Saturday. In fact I was told by the groom's mother that my niece's side of the family are Martha Stewart like because many of us Crochet, knit or sew and many other crafts.

Marillyn Ketcherside

PS. Have you ever written the book that you talked about at Camas

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Jimbo said...

Dear Jimbo,

I haven't heard of the Int'l. Crochet Day before but so glad I got the Petals to Picots email today
to tell me about it. Today is also my birthday.

I just completed several crochet projects for my granddaughter's wedding such as 30- 18" doilies for
guest tables,107 flowers as a garland for across the bridal table, and crocheted jars to hold flowers.
I enjoyed all of this. Today I will crocheting mini hexs for a table runner.

I would love to be chosen for your needle.

Thank you. Elly

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Jimbo said...

Please enter me into the drawing for the beautiful hand carved crochet hook!
Thank you!
Shirley Brooks
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Mary said...

Hi Jimbo
Sending this again (3rd time) just "under the wire" as they say, as I sent it via email Sun. 8th and noticed it didn't make the blog. Also had sent it direct to the blog but then I read just now that your whole blogger post for it went wonky! Anyways when coming here tonite realized i better get reposting! Can't win worth losing! LOL- so here goes...

I will be giving a crocheted edged fleece in the pink ribbon pattern for Breast Cancer Survivors to a new friend of mine who shares my journey and recently opened up to me about her own.
Those who are peaceful unsung "warriors" in the fight of their life deserve support, and thru crochet - it is one small way I can show it to them!

Blessings be yours~
Aka - shuttlebuggy

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Jimbo, I actually read about you on another blog somewhere this morning and now here you are. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. Yes, fiber art is alive and well in Kuwait. Your wood hooks are so very beautiful! Wishing you a very happy Friday! Tammy

Roxanne said...

Absolutely love your hooks. Would love to enter your drawing.

I love to crochet and crocheted my wedding dress many years ago. I hope I can use some of my talents to teach young gals how to crochet.

Hope to be starting a wonderful poncho soon.

Thank you.