Saturday, February 19, 2011

A new Jimbo's Front Porch Feature.... interesting crochet developments

(click image to enlarge)

The above image is of a granted United States Design Patent for a, and get this, a "KNITTING CROCHET HOOK". What the!!?? And if you can enlarge the image, you'll see that this patent belongs to the "Clover Mfg. Co. Ltd". So answer me this. How do you suppose the Clover company expects to use this hook for knitting?? Now in reality, it may not matter much what they call it. A design patent is granted to the ornamental design for the article shown in the drawings. But what amazes me is that a company as large and as deep in the knitting and crochet industry as Clover would call a crochet hook, a "knitting" crochet hook.

This is the first feature of others that I hope to add to my blog for crochet reader entertainment. I intend to focus mainly on interesting patent disclosures, but might do other stuff from time to time.

If you like the idea, or on the other hand, if you think its not something you'd like to see in my blog, please comment. I'll still be doing hook sales here and the stuff you're used to seeing. Just thought it might be fun to look at unusual crochet related stuff once in awhile.

Happy Hooking!


SandieP said...

When I read it I thought the same thing. KNITTING crochet hook?? It does seem rather a glaring misspeak. I notice the inventor is Japanese. Perhaps it is a local term?

Yes, I'd love to see more of these interesting bits.

Barbara said...

In Japan what we call crocheting is still often called knitting. Many of the Japanese pattern books I get use the term knitting for what are clearly crocheted items to us.

Shell Lee said...

I wonder which hook in particular this one is, assuming it's out on the market as the patent was granted almost 3 1/2 years ago. The drawing almost looks like the ergonomic clover hook I picked up a couple weeks ago.

SandieP said...

Thanks for that info, Barbara. Interesting. Shell Lee, it looks like one of the soft touch Clover hooks to me.