Monday, February 21, 2011

Novel Crochet Accessory

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Here is another result of my search for interesting oddities in the Crochet world. This is a tool used to aid crocheters in making "looped yardage". Very interesting and I wonder if this kind of tool might be useful in making bullions or a bullion-like stitch. Take a look. What do YOU think?

Pretty interesting. Could there be a market for such a thing?

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Sharon Marie said...

Might have a small market. You might have to promote patterns to go with it because there really aren't that many. The other day I was on Project Gutenberg and looked at an old pattern that had the loop-thing going on and the pattern said to use a ruler turned sideways or a piece of cardboard. On the other hand, you know that crocheting girls love our gadgets though so go for it. :)

Jimbo said...

To my old eyes it looks like what is done with broomstick crochet. The difference being that a groove has been put into the length of the broomstick dowel to allow easier hook maneuvering, rather than trying to lift the yarn loops up for hook insertion. The diagram with the square thingy just isn't showing up too clearly on my PC, but diagram 1 and 2 clearly show a dowel with a groove. #1 even shows a hook being used to go under a loop in prepartion for the next step. I am going to assume diagram 3 is another view with measurements from the side of the dowel??.

I think it would be neat to have a broomstick dowel like that, certainly alot easier to work with as long as the dowel was very smooth. The ones out on the market now are plastic like large knitting needles.

This was fun to examine and try to figure out...
HappyOldCro from Crochetville

Jimbo said...

the comment above was entered by me but very well thought out, authored, and sent for me to enter here by "HappyOldCro".

Nezumi said...

My mom made crocheted & knitted rugs when she was younger, they looked just like woven normal rugs. She used lots of different techniques. One crochet method she taught me was to loop the yarn around the a finger or needle, I later found out this was fur stitch, I think that may be what this tool was used for. It would also be excellent for broomstitck, both stitches would work with this accessory.
Love your patent posts :)

Aspecialgal said...

I am not totally sure, but it looks as if there is a hole at the bottom of the hook. There might be some information available about this kind of implement from the traditional knitting yahoo group.

Akua Lezli Hope said...

I participateded in a test of a new device called a looper. Polly's Looper by Pauline Billington.Looked similar, but is made of plastic