Tuesday, March 02, 2010

And the WINNER with the name "HookAwl" is.... ta DA

Belated notice, but the happy winner of the pointy hook naming contest, and the new owner of ROSERED'S inspired pokey hook invention is....

dobertoni and here is what she won!

Rosered and I got our heads together (and you know what? Her head is MUCH better lookin than mine) to pick a winner from some really creative entries. Both of us were taken with the single word name, and the play on the word "all". Easy to remember and suggestive of the use, Dobertoni's entry won out.

A little about Dobertoni: She's single, semi-retired with her three dogs and two porch kitties in the beautiful mountains of NE Alabama. She has two grown daughters and one grown grandson.

Dobertoni is a lifelong crochetier and learned crocheting, embroidery and quilting from her Gramma and through 4H while growing up on a farm. (I wonder if there's still a 4H? That's where my lovely wife Karol learned sewing.)

Here's the clincher. Dobertoni really enjoys crocheting for charity. This year, her charity is the Lil Troopers group (for babies born to military families) where, and get this! she's trying to send 20-30 hats per month! And as if there's enough time, she also likes to quilt, but only does small projects now because of hand pain (can you imagine what she could do WITHOUT hand pain!!??).

Dobertoin's favorite things to crochet are the baby hats, socks, adult hats, scarves and fingerless glove sets, RR's, dish towel hangers, potholders, dishcloths for gifts. She works mostly with yarn. Her care warn hands balk at thread work any more. Just occasionally with lots of breaks.

Three cheers to Dobertoni!!

We're thanking everyone for entering and hope lots of folks get hooked on HookAwl pokey hooks!

A note: Rosered tested the chopstick version of HookAwls that I call ChophookAwls and they work! So if you've an interest in a:

I'll be taking orders for them, with ALL proceeds going to FARA (Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance). Consider ordering a gob, and give them as gifts. It's a pretty sure thing your friend will not already have one of these marvels of Rosered's creative genius. Price?? A MINIMUM donation of $10 each. How to order? Email me at


And that's not all!! You can help FARA now by purchasing any one of these Chophook styles shown below (of course you can also order the original basic chophook which isn't shown but is zactly like the ChopKnook except for the eye at the hook end).

About the bottom HookAwl. This style of HookAwl pokey hooks are made from converted knitting needles and can be ordered in standard knitting needle sizes (H or bigger, please)BUT the handled HookAwls are MUCH more costly to make, so I'll ask for a minimum $25 donation for this style. Rosered suggested that I tell you these hooks are lighter than they appear. Some will be even lighter, depending on the wood species for the handles (which must be random because I don't have an unlimited supply of the German Plum that you see in the photo).

Anyways... Congratulations again to Dobertoi and thanks for dropping by!



Michele said...

CONGRATS!!!!! to doberToni! Enjoy your new hook! What a wonderful prize for a super wonderful lady!

The HookAwl's truly are much lighter than they appear. It is a pure joy to work with it.

I just love you to pieces Jimbo!

Gale and Kandis Palmanteer said...

How do we get in contact with you for information on Deadman Creek AND to order your hooks. I'm too new at this computer stuff.

Erin said...

Good news Mr. Jimbo! 4-H most certainly IS still in existence. One of my very best friends is still an active member, and she's in her mid-20s!

(It just so happens to be where she learned to crochet!)

Anonymous said...
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Jimbo said...

Hi Candy! I left a couple very long comments in your blog. When I clicked the "Publish" button, your blogger told me that you need to approve them before they publish. Also, you can contact me at my email address..


I think its really fantastic that you're writing a book about Deadman Crick! Hope it goes well for you! Also, I'm hoping to get to talk to you guys sometime soon when we're up there.