Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Biff says....

(loosely translated from "Woof rrrrooof rrrrrooof ruf woruf roof"): "My master has been nominated for "Best Hook by an Individual Hook Maker" in the CLF (Crochet Liberation Front) If you like his hooks (I do, they taste like chicken) please vote for him. He might give me a treat if he wins."

The Crochet Liberation Front (CLF) is holding it's 2nd Annual Crochet Awards. I'm honored and humbled to be nominated again for the "Flaming Hook of Justice" or "Flamie" for short. Voting is open to anyone who is connected to Crochet, anywhere in the World! There are lots more categories as well, designers, bloggers, etc.

If my hooks are your favorites, I'd be honored to have your vote!

Vote Here




badrhinogillett said...

I voted for you a few days ago!

missmaxx said...


Translation: We voted for you and your wonderful hooks!

Tuss E. Cat and Nancy

JoAnn said...

Woof Wooof that Biff knows what he is barking bout....voted of COURSE for YOU my friend Jimbo
hugs JoBug

Mônica Schmidt said...

Congratulations on our day!
Day of the Craftsman!
Big Kiss
Mô Croche e Artes