Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Pretty Hooks Auction is OVER! THANKS!!

Thanks to all who bid in this little auction! Would the high bidders, Elise and Debra W, please consider paying using the "Make a donation" button in the left margin of this blog (it takes you to Paypal), or contact me if you'd like to make other payment arrangements.
With a little luck, another auction will be forthcoming VERY shortly, and with some VERY interesting hooks.

Thanks again

(click on image for bigger than life detail)

Here are just two hooks up for bids. Just two, but pretty rare beauty in what might otherwise pass for just slightly uncommon wood. The top hook is made of Pacific Yew. I've made Yew hooks before and I like them for their lightness and tough nature. Remember I told you that bows (the bow and arrow bow) are often made of Yew for those two reasons and for its flexibility. Well this hook isn't flexible to any obvious degree, but its tough, light, and absolutely beautiful. The grain in this hook ebs and sworls and kinks, and does all kinds of things to amaze me. And the color shifts here and there too; from cinamon to honey, to olive.. makes me hungry!
Details: This hook is turned with the indented grip and thumbrest, is 7 3/8 inches (18.73cm) long and is a K+ (7mm). You probably don't have a 7mm hook in your collection, do you?

The bottom hook was expected to be a very serviceable, nice hook. It's made from good ole American Hickory. But the grain in this one too, worked out in a very striking way, with a dark highlight streak running into the thumb flat and shades of brown running out the shank to the hook...And grain that would fool some into saying oak, along the handle. Lots of unexpected and VERY appealing variation. And looks here are a little deceiving. It looks like the wood is very porous, and normally it is, but the finish I used covers the pores to leave a silky smooth surface.
This hook is just a wee bit shorter than the Yew hook and is an H (5mm).

As usual, you can email bids with $5.00 raise minimums please, to me at:

Oh, and for any new bidders: I try to post bids as they come in. I'm not here ALL the time though so if your bid doesn't show up right away, not to worry. Your bid will be posted as soon as Jimboly possible.

We'll run this auction up until 10pm Pacific Time, Sept 22. A bit shorter time, but then there's only two hooks to ponder, eh?

And away we go!


Yew K+:
Janet starts it with $10
AnaMaria goes to $20
Elise with a big bump to $40

Hickory H:
Erin goes $10
JoAnn takes it to $20
Nicole BUMPS it to $40
DebraW goes to $50

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