Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New auction coming sooon! Watch THIS space!

Prettiest Hook Ever?? auction over,Tracey gets the hook! Thanks everyone!
Next auction will be added to this post in order to keep the Halloween post up top. (Need to get folks to come to the event, you know.)
Up for bids

The other day, I was wandering aimlessly through a local wood supply and came across this very small piece of Cocobolo (Rosewood). Now if you've been around rough sawn wood before, you know that its hard to tell what kind of grain you're getting because the frayed saw marks hide the grain. But on this one, I could see beautiful grain peeking through and I immediately bought the piece. Thankfully it was a very small piece because this is EXPENSIVE wood. Anyways, I brought the blank home and cut it into two hook blanks (maybe three if I can use the third piece). To my horror, there was a huge void in the middle of the wood, a pocket probably caused by an insect or some defect or crack while the tree or branch was growing. That's good and bad. The good is that the defect caused the wood to grow in amazingly beautiful swirls and colors. The bad was that it was a DANGEROUS piece to turn at near 2,000 rpm on my lathe, not knowing if the piece would explode and send sharp shards through my favorite T-shirt. Needless to say, I took it very slow and re-sharpened the lathe tool twice during the cutting.

It all paid off, as you can see. The photo is of the hook on a mirror so you can see as much of the grain as possible. But even at that, you just have to hold this beauty and turn it in the light to fully appreciate what a masterpiece nature has bestowed. Hold it in your hand. You can't stop turning it to admire the grain and feel the texture.

I know I've been lucky to find some really beautiful woods before, but this one is just incredible.

Technically, the hook is an H (5mm) and is 7 1/2 inches long (19cm).
Now what I decided to do, since this is such a special hook, is to delay carving a thumb rest, and carve it later, according to the high bidder's wishes. I'll send the hook, the buyer can try it out, maybe mark where a thumb rest should go; send it back and I'll carve the flat and send it back as a custom fit.

So.. to the bidding...

As usual, you can email bids with $5.00 raise minimums please, to me at:

Oh, and for any new bidders: I try to post bids as they come in. I'm not here ALL the time though so if your bid doesn't show up right away, not to worry. Your bid will be posted as soon as Jimboly possible.

We'll run this auction up until 10pm Pacific Time, Oct. 7.


Sherri starts with $25
Tracey to $30
Carlene goes to $35
Debra wants another.. and goes to $40
Tracey bumps it to $45
Debra's back with $50
Tracey takes it to $55
Deb again with $60!
I'm BACK! and a bid was waiting.. Nicole with $75!
Ooooh, Tracey goes to $80!


JoAnn said...

that IS a beauty Jimbo! I do hope someone gets it and so appreciate all the hard work you put into the hooks, your a wonderful man friend! Good luck with this auction.
JoAnn AKA JoBug

Jimbo said...

Thank's JoBug!! Its soooo good to hear from you! I've been following your progress over in Crochetville and hoping with everyone else that you have a quick and comfortable recovery! We NEED you back and well!