Sunday, August 30, 2009

THE International Crochet Day Prize HOOK WINNERS ARE>>>>>>>>>

AND THE WINNER OF THE 2009 International Crochet Day Hook, is from Australia. She, once upon a time was a nomadic artist and has dabbled in many different art forms. People often recognize her for her colorful hats. Our winner is none other than... MEG of ARTNOMADIX
Check this EXTREMELY talented artist's blog at
Here is Meg's entry.
International Crochet Day eh! Well think I'd better go into my local town Murwillumbah,NSW,Australia, and crochet in public in a Cafe Crochet Crawl, to inspire others to learn to crochet. I've been meaning to try and start some classes going around here and have been getting a few inquiries about my hats,whenever I wear them in town. So some informal free crochet cafe class/info will get the ball unrolling, as people sign up for some future class or workshops,or just record their interest for learning the wonderful, meditative and relaxing art of crochet.

Konna from Ecuador!!! Konna teaches at an international school in Quito, Ecuador and among her duties, she teaches crochet to grade 6-8 students as part of an exploratory class.
I hope the Kido hook will help her in that effort!

THANK YOU ALL for entering the contest, and PLEASE remember International Crochet Day next year!!


This logo was created by

Grafico/Receitas de Crochê By Ivy´s Creations Crochet (

THANK YOU, Ivanise, your creation is BEAUTIFUL!!

Please click on the logo or go to Ivys Creations and see the amazing things there!

Its HERE!! The 2009 International Crochet Day Hook!! And it could be yours!
Look at the post below this one, there's a story there about the humble origins of this hook, which was made from the wood of the old apple tree you see in the pictures below. This old tree has donated its apples to deer, bear, turkeys and all sorts of animals including us humans. It has also donated wood from branches that have fallen to unknowing animal arborists. The 2009 International Crochet Day (ICD) Hook is made from one of those branches.
The old apple tree has given us wood for hooks that have traveled to gentle hands all over the world... so it is only fitting that this particular hook be destined to be the 2009 International Crochet Day Hook.
Technically, the 2009 ICD Hook is 5mm (an H on the Susan Bates gauge)and is 7 1/4 inches or 18.4cm long.
How can you win this hook? Simple. Just write a comment here in my blog about what YOU are going to do to promote International Crochet Day, or if you can't post a comment, you can email me your entry at:

I'll draw a winner from those who enter on Sept. 12!

Last year the winning hook went to a VERY accomplished Crochetier, Sandra Coatti from BRAZIL! You can visit Sandra's blog at

Since this is "International" Crochet day, I REALLY encourage entries from all over the world.

Let the contest begin!!

And thanks again to all for their efforts to promote the gentle art of Crochet!


And to sweeten the pot... Here is a small hook, intended for kids learning to crochet. Its made from one of the Hazelnut bushes up on the Ranch, so it carries all the Deadman Crick history in its grain, and is hopefully destined to be a family heirloom for the winner. Its a K (6.5mm) and is 6 inches 15.24cm long.
Lets make this a contest within a contest. Enter as instructed above, but please identify the Kido hook and promise me you'll use this hook to teach a child how to crochet.
I'm seeing other folks now blogging about International Crochet Day, doing other give aways to celebrate the day! A very worthy thing to do to promote a VERY worthy but underrated artform!
Oh and you can indeed enter both parts of the contest, but I'll do the drawing to assure that both hooks aren't won by one entrant.

Oh and one more favor... would you please identify your nationality in your entries? Its fun to see where entries are coming from.



Shana said...

I am giving my first ever crochet lesson for some ladies at my church and making a shawl (my first ever) for our Pastor's wife's Mom. She is over 90 and still going strong and still works in the nursery some!! This hook would be great to replace my broken bloodwood hook that I still haven't sent to you to see if you could fix it!!

Sirenen2000 said...

I love your hooks and really want to participate in your contest. I myself have crocheted for many years. But if I win, I would give as gift to my mother that taught me
how to do it. I am mostly making tunisian now, but I still crochet
With love from Vigdis, Norway

Jim Kempton said...

I absolutely love your crochet hooks! And I love crochet. I’m going to celebrate the day by going to a Sip ‘n’ Stitch group that I haven’t gone to before and meet some new yarnie friends! And they’re mostly knitters so I’ll crochet proudly among them. Oh, and on the way there I’ll stop at any yard sale I see to look for good yarn finds, of course!


woolmountain said...

I plan on going to the Garden State Sheep and Wool show to visit; and bring my crocheting with me and talk to everyone!

LikeClochework said...

I am going to run a promo of some sort through my blog and Etsy shop! Still trying to decide exactly what... A drawing for a hat? A free crochet coffee cup sleeve with every purchase? Oh, the possibilities!

Heart you hooks, by the way, and this one is especially gorgeous :-)

shannie_nae said...

Someone once told me that if nobody entered anything in the county fair there would be no fair. I want to support both the fairs and crochet. I am going to encourage everyone I know to enter a crochet project in the local fair or art show. I will also spread the word that Jimbo hooks bring good luck.

Pamela said...

Hi Jimbo, I've been crocheting for 30+ years now. I crochet most anything and use a varity of yarns and threads.

I put Internationa Crochet Day on my calendar last year so that I wouldn't forget it this year. I am going to promote ICD by posting about it on my blog where I will offer a give away of my own. I am also promoting it be teaching my granddaughter to crochet.

Hope you get lots of work done on the porch down and the crick, try to stay dry.

Sherri said...

Im teaching my grandchildren to crochet this year. THey are very excited, but if they dont take to crochet Im turning to knitting for a second option. I want then to do either one for the fiber experience.
Go crochet!

Erin said...

I'm making baby hats! Some will go to pregnant friends and some will go to the NICU in my hospital. It's not a huge act, but I am celebrating how I can.

Happy International Crochet Day!

Beth said...

As you know Jimbo, we've already had our special Crochet Day in our part of Oz, 12 days early because of logistics on this big island. And a dozen people learned a new crochet technique, woohoo! On the actual International day, but while you are still sleeping, I will be sitting in our busiest shop in town, the Beechworth Bakery (known world-wide) where the travelling hook visited, crocheting in public and loving it! I'll be accosting as many strangers as possible to try hooking!

JoAnn said...

Ah YES National Crochet Day hooooot!! I me, JoBug, JoAnn Dillon will herebye declare my celebration by crocheting at Dialysis, and yet, teaching a tech there to crochet and spread the gift of a dying art "Crochet" to others. Shall I win this most beautimous hook I as selfish as I am, will not give it away, but I WILL use it to create many a projects to donate to charities all around the world. Yes, I JoBug would like to enter into the contest of GREAT Crochet hook for National Crochet Day!!!

Kangarucci said...

Well, Jimbo, as Beth told you, yesterday in Beechworth, Australia, we celebrated an early International Crochet Day. On Sept 12 I will be attending a cousins' reunion; at age 60, I am the baby cousin, the oldest living cousin is almost 90 - those women are all accomplished crocheters from way back. I guess I can always try and teach the 3 male cousins to crochet at the lunch table that day, huh? I will tell them about "Jimbo-across-the-pond" who whittles the most beautiful crochet hooks. Yeh, that will get them thinking its okay for a guy to crochet.

Anonymous said...

I will be at work on the 12th and will be teaching one of the residents in the house I work at to crochet. We are going to go to a local park if it is dry or to a busy cafe with extra wool and hooks which I will donate to those who would like to learn crochet. We will be crocheting simple squares to donate to knit a square which is a charity accepting knitted and crocheted 8" squares to make into blankets for aids orphans in Africa. Jimbo I will send you photos of all the people we can talk into taking up the hook!

ElizaDay418 said...

on september 10, i will be out with my knit and crochet group teaching folks to crochet. on september 12, i will cross state lines with my hookeries and present crocheted gifts to friends and family.

your hooks are quite lovely and i would be honored to win one. ;)

Sharon Marie said...

I will crochet on ICD of course! When my great-granddaughter comes over we will have a crochet lesson. If timing is right, I will have a new crochet project finished to blog about. I don't have any "nice" hooks and I would love to have one of yours. When I was reading your post about the apple tree giving it's wood I couldn't help but compare it to the tree in the book "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein that had a tree that gave of itself to a man until it had no more to give except for a stump for the man to sit on. Crochet-On! :)

missmaxx said...

International Crochet Day will be a perfect day to spend some time at the local community center/park crocheting and teaching crochet to any and all who'd like to try it. If I'd be lucky enough to win this beauty I'd use it first to make my sister a throw with a peace sign on it for her Classic VW bus. She travels the USA and Canada in the bus every chance she gets. Proving once again that old hippies still know how to have a good time.

Cielle said...

Olá parabéns pelo seu trabalho,pelo blog, este ano meu blog vai comemorar 1 ano no dia internacional do Crochê,e como sempre tenho buscado novos blogs e pontos pra mostrar as amigas da net e sempre ajudar no que posso . Estou ensinando algumas vizinhas por aqui jovens que não sabem fazer crochê e esta agulha seria de grande ajuda beijos e divulgarei o sorteio no blog e tenho ainda um grande desafio ensinar minha filha ela é canhota ,mas já dora linhas,lãs e as agulhas beijos do Brasil


Hello congratulations on your work, the blog, this year my blog will celebrate 1 year on international crochet, and as always I have sought new blogs and points to show my friends on the net and always help as I can. I am teaching some people at the people here who do not know crochet needle and it would be helpful kisses and will disclose the draw on the blog and I'm still a big challenge to teach my daughter she is left-handed, but it dora lines, wool and needles kisses Brazil

Rosely Beltrame said...

I would like to participate in The 2009 International Day Crochet Hook!
my e-mail r.beltrame @

Kika Perez said...

Parabéns pelo blog, estarei sempre por aqui, olhando e tentando fazer, beijos.

Robin said...

I am trying to start a crochet/craft group waiting on business cards and want to pass them out and leave them at various locations telling people about the group. I think it would be wonderful to have a local group get together and enjoy visiting and crafting. There isn't anything like that here, so hopefully I will get a good response. That is what I am doing for International Crochet Day.

ANA MARIA said...

Parabéns ppor mais esta promoção. Estou postando em meu blog o sêlo do globo terrestre azul, com a agulha, já com a data de 2009, gentilmente arrumada pelo marido de uma de nossas amigas do grupo.

Ana MAria

Cristina Laranja said...

Mais um ano para COMEMORARMOS!

badrhinogillett said...

For years, my daughter has asked me when I will teach her to crochet. I've always told her when she was in Kindergarten we would start lessons. As much as she wanted to learn earlier, she didn't quite have the dexterity to do it. Well, this ICD, I find that I now have a Kindergartener on my hands, so I can think of no better day to start lessons!

Socorro said...

Adorei esta agulha! ela é maravilhosa... gostaria de ganhar, com certeza, como faço croche dia e noite, e ela é anatomica, me facilitaria o trabalho. Meu blo :
Um abraço

RusticOkie said...

Jimbo it's so wonderful of you to give away such a lovely hook in honor of ICD. Whoever receives it is certainly lucky.

I missed ICD last year but this year I am ready. I will be running a post and giveaway on my blog to celebrate with my online friends.

I'm also going to be teaching my 13 year old neice to crochet. She loves all the things I crochet for her and wants to learn so she can make things for her family. I can't wait.

AlliM said...

Sooo looking forward to International Crochet Day ... only one week to go now! As I'm always crocheting, I'll try to do some in public and get folk involved, somewhere around Glasgow, Scotland.

I love those hooks, just saw them on Ravelry. They are BEAUTIES!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello! Surely this needle is already mine! Thank you for the draw! This blog is beautiful! Kisses!

Carla said...

Your hooks are perfects, and I whish them so much. My name is Carla, I am brazilian, and I love crochet .
Around 20 years ago I was on vacation in a country town and saw that poor people did rugs crochet with plastic bags and wooden hooks, because they didnt´s money to buy anythinhg. So, my friend gave me a wood hook and taught me to make the first stitches ( chain and single crochet).
But I had not much time to learn, until one day I saw a crochet blouse in a magazine and really wanted to do. So I tried and worked hard to learn to do, because there was no one to teach me. But I did my blouse. And I never stopped.
Today I have a blog where I show my pieces and try to teach how to make them. It is a work I do for free, just for the pleasure of teaching this art.
Every year I make lots of pieces to charity like babyshoes, scarfs, afghans and next year I teach crochet in poor communities (a volunteer job).

This is my contribution to spread more and more art and that it all started with a simple wooden hook, and will be a dream to win a Jimbo
Visit my blog:

Best wishes,


david said...

I am going to suggest to my mother, who works at a Library, to set up a display of Crochet books and craft literature at the "current topics" station.

David from Nebraska.

david said...

I am going to suggest to my mother, who works at a Library, to set up a display of Crochet books and craft literature at the "current topics" station.

David from Nebraska.

nutznbotlz2003 said...

I am going to host "crochet" breaks during the course of the day at work. We have several crocheters already, and this will allow them to come together and share ideas as well as tips and tricks.


shannie_nae said...

Your kiddo hook would be perfect to teach my neice to crochet. I also hope my son will someday wish to learn.

CrochetnQuilt said...

I would love to "win" the kids hook so that I could pass it on to two special little girls. This hook would be special for their learning experience which I am encouraging.

They are involved with 4-H and are homeschooled by their mother. They have their own business, along with a website, where they make sewing kits for kids. Crocheting is one skill they will be learning soon.

Thanks for the possibility of sharing your work with them.

sunnie fairy said...

I am from California, and I am going to crochet in public for the first time!

caroline said...

I will almost certainly be putting the finishing touches on the two baby afghans and matching hats that I am making for a dear friend -- she is expecting twins! The shower is Sunday, and I am a last minute finisher.

I crochet every day (almost), so if I've finished those, there will be another project waiting in the wings!

Bz ThingZ said...

your hooks are wonderful. thank you for making them. icd is my favorite holiday. this year i will be teaching my daughter and a friends daughters to crochet. we are all very excited to start this adventure together. i will also continue to make blankets for babies as they are a blessing and i will continue to make prayers shawls for those in need of a special hug.

Claudia (Cacau) said...

Eu adoraria ganhar essa agulha, vou divulgar a data junto com a promoção do globo azul, no dia 12 de Setembro irei fazer mais crochê, porque ultimamente o que eu mais tenho feito e crochê.

Joanne said...

This is great that you are giving away one of your awesome hooks- I've read all about you over at the ville- I just re-learned how to crochet in February 2009 I absolutely love it. How is your wife doing with the crochet?
I would love to teach my niece to crochet- I tried to teach (with the help of you tube) my 3 adult daughters- so far they are not really interested in crochet. :-(
For International Crochet Day, I am hoping to get to the Garden State Sheep and Wool Show and if not, I am going to go to the park (weather permitting) and crochet outside. If the weather doesn't cooperate, I'll go to a cafe and crochet.

Susana said...

Hola !!!!
Mis disculpas por escribir en español pero no sé hacerlo en inglés.
Me encantaría que la suerte me acompañara este año y resultar la ganadora del sorteo de esa aguja maravillosa.
Me encanta tejer en crochet.
Formo parte de un grupo de tejedoras uruguayas. Este año hemos tejido muchísimas bufandas, gorros, mantas, cuellos y zapatos de abrigo que hemos regalado a los abuelos de un Hogar de ancianos de bajos recursos, a bebes de un hospital de niños que atiende fundamentalmente a madres de los sectores más pobres de la sociedad y a un hogar de niños sin familia. Nos gusta mucho ser solidarias con quienes más lo necesitan y aprovechamos para ello nuestro amor por el tejido.
Personalmente he conquistado a dos niñas con el arte de tejer en crochet y les estoy enseñando esta técnica por lo que, si es posible, pediría para anotarme en los dos sorteos.
Un abrazo desde Montevideo, Uruguay y muchas gracias por festejar este día internacional del crochet obsequiando esa obra de arte que son tus agujas artesanales. Me encantan.

wanda said...

Parabéns pelo Blog, pela criatividade na confecção da agulha , e por tantas coisas boas que nos proporciona e nos incentiva a fazer.
Adoraria ser a ganhadora dessa agulha, pois estou tecendo o enxoval da Manuella, que esta prestes a nascer. talvez ela nasça antes do tempo previsto, mas tudo bem, tenho certeza que Deus vai cuidar dela e da mãezinha dela e tudo vai ser risos e alegrias.
Prometo, caso eu seja a ganhadora, cuidar com imenso carinho e respeito desse presente.
Beijos, saúde e paz para você!

Má Ci said...

Hi Jimbo
12.09 days on international crochet, crochet want to see if in a square if it is not raining, I'm from Brazil and I have several projects started, I do in my spare time I teach in a public school, you send my blog
I hope you enjoy and appreciate

Zulmira Dekker said...

It's nice to have an International Crochet's Day but for me everyday is a Crochet's Day!!! I like too much to make things with my hands. Would be great to make crochet with an apple wood's hook.
Congratulations for all Crocheters around the World!!!

- from Brasilia - Brazil

craftyvanty said...

I will have my 10 yr old niece over and we will (using our 2 handmade wood hooks)crochet a quickie little lapghan. Then we will donate it to a charity in another country :) This will be our 2nd annual...and we are doing our best to keep up the tradition as long as possible. Just the 2 of us, our special treat/memory maker. We are American with Norwegian, Finnish heritage.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to win a piece of your beautiful art!!

SUNSET said...

Oi,este ano apesar de estar super atarefada,não poderia de reservar um tempinho especial para crochetar.
E um bom lugar para isso, é na praça do meu bairro,aqui no Rio de janeiro.
Lá além de ser tranquila e muito arborizada,ideal para fazer meus pontinhos.
è muito gostoso compartilhar com as pessoas nosso carinho por esta técnica que pra mim é uma terapia.

judith said...

Hola Jimbo,me encanto tu blog ,me gustaria anotarme para los sorteos,soy tu seguidora.
Soy de Montevideo ,Uruguay.
Ademas pondre en mi blog tu sorteo ,para las mujeres apasionadas por el crochet!!!

un gran abrazo

Cauê Santos said...

Olá !

Mais um brasileiro na área ! hehehe

Vim através da Sônia Maria, e do apoio ao seu blog.

Ano passado já estive aqui, e hoje, ás vésperas dessa data novamente venho.

Quero deixar um abraço e o endereço do meu blog:


Cauê Santos

I l m a said...

Hi Jimbo, I'm from Mexico, specifically in Hermosillo, Sonora
my children and I practice crochet.

I love your woodcarving work.

I really want to participate in your contest

In this city we have a knitting and crochet club named "Tejiendo con aroma de café"

Thanks and Happy International Crochet Day!

Rossy said...

Hola Jimbo, me gustó mucho tu pagina y me gustaron mucho los ganchos que elaboras, muchas felicidades y por supuesto que me encantaria ser la afortunada en sacarme el sorteo del libro y gancho .
Soy Rossy Macías, tejedora de afición y de corazón de Hermosillo, Sonora , México
Gracias y saludos

topita_voladora said...

Hola! realmente son hermosas las agujas que haces.
Soy de Montevideo, Uruguay, y hace unos 5 años que tejo a ganchillo. Comencé para poder hacerle cosas a mi beba recién nacida, y desde ese momento no he parado!

Que bonito poder festejar ese día!

Un abrazo grande!

innovart en crochet said...

Hola Jimbo te saludo de montevideo-uruguay del grupo tejedoras uruguayas ya vi algunas de mis amigas por ahi saludandote, te cuento que amamos el crochet y me encantan tus agujas, tu iniciativa es maravillosa y quiero estar este año nuevamente, te felicito bsos Laura

Carla said...

Hi Jimbo
to promote International Crochet Day, I'm going to my crochet lessons in Coast company here in Portugal. I just love and made works.
I'd love to win this hook and crochet a bed cover to my daughter beds


emeraldjayne62 said...

I just started teaching my granddaughter how to crochet she is 6 so its a little harder with her as well as teaching my daughter and friend the fine art of crochet. This is something that I enjoy and had to learn on my own so I will pass it down the line.Helping someone get enjoyment out of making there 1st item is very heart filling have as so set them all up accounts on PIF and Cville so they have others to help in the teaching of things I have yet done.but to see the smile on my granddaughters face when shes trying to chain is worth a million

Sandra Cunha said...



Hola Jimbo me gusto mucho tu blog y sobre todo el trabajo que haces con la madera me gustaria ser la afortunada poseedora de ese gancho, debo decirte que tengo uno hecho por artesanos michoacanos de méxico y quisiera empezar una coleccion de obras de arte con el tuyo. saludos desde Hermosillo, México. Mañana vamos a celebrar el dia mundial del tejido reuniendonos todas las que pertenecemos al club "Tejiendo con aroma de café" Saludos!

Silvana said...

Hello Jimbo!
My name is Silvana born in Brazil, but actually live in Miami-Dade, and as a hobby i like to crochet!!
My two year old daughter, at her age is following my step in my hobby. I notice that she likes to play with the crochet hook, yarns and like any two years like jump, act, dance. She pretend and act like me in doing crochet.
I plan to going in the park were i live an to make my crochet scarf!
I love yours crochet hook to much!!
Happy International Crochet Day!

Miriam Reinozo said...

Ja pensou se ganho,vc ja esta nos meus favoritos.
Gostaria mto de ganhar uma agulha linda assim.
bjos do Brasil

Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

I've tweeted about ICD and I'll be sure to whip out my hook tomorrow while at work at the theatre. And I've got some down time between the two shows, so I'm going to try and go to the park to crochet in public for awhile. Maybe I'll be able to chat up a passerby about crochet!

Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

PS. I'm from boring old America. Not very exciting to me!

missmaxx said...

Hi again Jimbo!
Happy ICD everyone!

My great nieces, Claire and Emma, (ages 6 & 5) would love to learn the art of crochet with your wonderful Kiddo hook!

Silvana said...

Helo Jimbo!
Im here, because im want a winner..hehe...but unfortunately tonigth i cut seriously my left hand, and today, i cant to make any crochet! I hope this is not impediment to participate in the promotion!!

isabel tiago said...

Dear Jim

I congratulate ~you on his excellent blog I've known since last year, precisely because the international day of crochet and needles especially the beautiful craft that shows us.
I agree with the choice of date for this day celeb and their motivations.
Have a nice weekend and much continued success.

Patty said...

Ano passado lembro que contei como eu comecei a gostar do croche a partir de minha paixão por roupas e moda. Pois é eu tinha um sonho de ver o croche valorizado e de ter minha grife com peças de croche.
Este ano tive uma grande reviravolta em minha carreira profissional e tomei uma decisão muito importante, pra quem não sabe eu trabalhava em um Software como analista de sistemas, sou formada em Ciências da Computação. Modéstia a parte eu era boa no que fazia, mas não era aquela paixão, minha grande paixão sempre foi a dança e há alguns anos as roupas em croche. Bem depois de ter sido demitida havia resolvido ficar um tempo em casa "descansando" e procurar outro emprego alguns meses depois. Contudo no dia em que fui demitida cheguei em casa, abri meus emails e tinha um monte de emails de encomendas, então fui aceitando as encomendas pelo periodo que estivesse em cas pensando. Porem nesse periodo comecei a perceber uma grande mudança em mim, eu estava muito mais feliz e isso refletia tambem para minha familia. Dai decidi transformar aquele meu sonho da grife num objetivo, e resolvi me dedicar ao croche e em busca deste objetivo. Neste curto espaço de tempo já tive meu blog citado em uma revista de artesanato, e um trabalho meu na revista Manequim. Faço meu trabalho com muito amor, faço cada peça como se fosse pra mim e me esforço o máximo possivel para que elas fiquem lindas e agradem a quem irá usá-las.

Neste dia Internacional do croche quero dizer que perseguir nossos sonhos e trabalhar para realizá-los é muito maravilhoso, especialmente quando envolve agulhas e fios.


Brianna said...

As always, I love your stuff, and just wanted to say Happy International Crochet Day!

Brianna, Connecticut

ESTHER said...


Robin said...

Hi Jimbo,
Just saw the add on about the kiddo hook..My 6 yo daughter has been eyeing the Jimbo hooks I have and I have to tell her "um, I don't think so" LOL!! She has learned to chain using one of my other wood hooks and is excited to learn some more stitches. I would SO love to give her your kiddo hook for christmas with some yarn she has been eyeing and get down to the business of teaching her the finer things of life, crochet! I can see it all now...I go to grab her Jimbo hook and she will look me straight in the eye and say "um, I don't think so, Mom!!" LOL!! It would be too funny! Thank you again for your wonderful contributions to the crochet world providing such glorious works of art so that we may make lovely items to give to charities and of course, family and friends! Also, thank you for your awesome contributions to a VERY worthwhile charity, FA! You are a true humanitarian, a loving and truly giving soul!! I am sooo glad I have had the opportunity to 'meet' you!

Gentle Hugs,

Michele said...

Hey Jimbo - RoseRed here. I'll be putting the finishing touches on a bag for my best friend. It's not in time for today but my daughters teacher wants me to teach another class on crochet so that if any of the kids take to it they can enter their work at the Student Convention.

I would also LOVE to have the mini Jimbo hook for my daughter. She loves to make little things for her friends. Her favorite right now are bracelets.

Silvana said...

Congratulations for to 2 crochet artists for winner!!!! I cant to wait for next year...hehe!!!
Thanks Jimbo for this beautiful oportunity to us!!!

Silvana said...

Congratulations for to 2 crochet artists for winner!!!! I cant to wait for next year...hehe!!!
Thanks Jimbo for this beautiful oportunity to us!!!