Saturday, August 29, 2009

Time for harvest

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Here's a shot of the cabin and Jimbo's Front Porch, taken from about 300 yards south. Gives you an idea of proportion. The area in front of the house is not going to be done in lawn. We're just letting pretty much what ever wants to grow there just go ahead and try. The old apple tree that has donated so many crochet hooks isn't in view here; but its out there in front of the cabin. Its just hiding behind the tall fir on the left.

You've seen pictures of the old apple tree in fall and winter? You'd look at that old leaning cripple and think it'll never make it another season. Well here you see the very top of the old codger, and the picture was taken just a week ago. Its loaded with apples and is offering them to who ever would like to stop by. We have..

Turkeys! Turkeys like fallen apples, so the old tree drops a few to feed the flock.
And of course we have deer to feed....

The old tree also donates apples to our local bears. Now I have to confess, this picture was taken a couple years ago. I did see a bear up there last week, but he was being shy about coming up for a meal at the tree and a photo op. Still, there's "sign" around the tree that tells us the bears are have been feeding on the apples again this year.

Its a giving tree, and takes so very little in exchange. Just a little water from the spring and it stands there, taking constant abuse, but still giving. In all the excitement to get those juicy apples, the deer and especially the bear will pull branches down. Oft times the branches break and fall to the ground, or they crack on the tree and die. I take the dead branches as one further donation from that generous little tree, and make crochet hooks. The old apple tree donated the wood for a prize hook that will be given away in a contest coming in a day or so, in celebration of International Crochet Day! You'll be welcome to drop by and enter the contest, and in the meantime, consider what you might do too, to promote the art of crochet on International Crochet Day, this coming Sept 12.

Thanks once again for dropping by!

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badrhinogillett said...

What wonderful pictures Jimbo!