Thursday, July 16, 2009

KAROL'S FIRST CROCHET PROJECT (and a couple hooks to add to the auction)

(the two hooks shown are being added to the auction going on in the post directly below this one... read about these beauties down there)

I'm so proud I could pop!! What amazing work, eh?! Karol did this little purse for our granddaughter Chloe, for her 4th birthday (which is today by the way). And you know what?!! She made it with a hook that was made (with just a wee and i mean wee bit of help from his daddy and me) by my grandson Clinton (9). How special is that!!!? I'm talkin heirloom here. You should have been there. Karol has this cute way of sticking the tip of her tongue out when she's concentrating, and even when I tease her (I know i shouldn't but hay can i help it?) she'll try to stop out of spite but to no avail. She's soon back to frowning concentration and the tongue pops back out to kibitz. What a prize she is.

The purse was made from a pattern in Annie's Attic "I Can Crochet" lesson 6, "Purse With Slip Stitch Strap". Purty dang nifty huh.

Karol started the project up on the Ranch with coaching by our guest and forever friend Mickey Kester. Mickey and her husband Jim, and I all went to grade school and high school together (our 45th graduation reunion is this fall). Jim's an ultra fine woodworker (twer I half as good as he) and a true lifelong friend. Mickey and I have been friends even longer than Jim and I... we went to two grade schools together, first in Northport; then in Colville and all the way through graduation. Mickey's an accomplished crochetier (and a great coach, wouldn't you say?).


LICraftgal said...

Oh how pretty that is!!! Great job Karol! And Jimbo those hooks are just as beautiful as always. So now son and grandson and training huh? Great lots more hooks on the way!

badrhinogillett said...

Great job Karol!! Beautiful hooks too Jimbo!

angelfire said...

great job karol, my granddaugher saw it and loved it.