Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spread the word CHOPHOOKS are BACK

(update: Got several orders! THANK you ALL!! I'll be sending out the ordered hooks tomorrow. But I have plenty more chophooks made,so don't be shy!)

I've been neglecting my commitment to raise funds for Friedreich's Ataxia Research. And I feel really bad about that, especially when so many others are doing so much more. So rather than wallow in self abuse, I'll bring back Chophooks and donate 100% of the income to FA research. That's right... every penny generated by your chophook order will be donated to Freidreich's Ataxia Research and maybe just maybe it'll be YOUR donation that puts them over the top in their struggle to find a treatment or cure. This is one that the researchers are excited about, because this is one they can get... they just need the resources.

FARA is a VERY worthy cause. Want to know more? Go to:

Now here's the deal. I'm taking orders for chophooks. Price? AT LEAST $10.00. I say "AT LEAST" because it'd be very nice to get more... more $$$, more research, more research, the quicker the cure.

About the hooks. These beauties are made from bamboo chopsticks. No they're not used, but new chopsticks that I buy in bulk. They're carefully transformed into VERY workable crochet hooks. So its not just a token thing we're talkin'bout.. you're not just buying a pretty hook to look at. These are the real thing and they crochet some NICE stuff. In fact, one of these chophooks made freeform art sculpture that's been in traveling exhibits throughout Europe and the US! Size? Well my rough calculations (they're rectangular in cross section, you know) is that they're about a K (6.5mm).

So just in time for your next Random Act of Kindness, Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, Anniversary, whatever... NOW is the time to order. And you can do that simply by clicking on the "make a donation" button for a paypal payment. Be SURE to put FARA as your middle name, or somewhere in the paypal info so I know that the incoming $$ is to go to FARA. Or if paypal won't let you do that, PLEASE email me and let me know about your donation. You can also send checks or money orders or even very well concealed cash if that's how you roll. Just email me at:

I'll take care of shipping. Order as many as you'd like. You'll not just be getting a decent crochet hook, you'll be helping find a treatment or cure for a HUGELY underfunded but DEVASTATING condition that NO kid should ever have to face.

Thanks all, for helping out!!



teatotaler said...

Thanks so much Jimbo I got my chop hook today and have been using it already to make a prayer shawl for Daughter in law who has hodgekins disease. Nice hook by the way works nice.

Michele said...

I just love my chophook!

It's perfect for Joanns Sensations Boucle.

sangeeta said...

hi Jimbo..
just bumped in here following this hook thing....n was delighted to know that you are creating funds for FA research.
my lovely 8 yr daughter is affected by FA and you can see her here..

keep up the good work.