Friday, April 17, 2009

Sure Its a Crochet Hook, but is it ART?? Bids are CLOSED!!

What you see here is my best work yet, in terms of sculptural value in a crochet hook. Shades (albeit distant shades) of Henry Moore! The handle end of this hook is sculpted in an abstract form that is organic and so sensual it begs fondling. Functional form, in the crochet aspect, is almost if not totally dominated by the grain and structure of the Applewood medium and the form it takes at the heel of this hook. Seriously, photographic detail does little justice.

I've been wanting to use more artistic expression in some of my hooks, as a hopeful supplement to the natural beauty of the wood, but have been intimidated by what wood so easily does on it's own. So this is a pretty bold venture for me, and I have to admit to a degree of trepidation about it's acceptance. But here it is, for all it's worth.

My indecision is past, and realizing that I'm a whittler, not a crochet hook collector... I've decided to put this remarkable piece of nature (and some whittling) up for bids.

I'll take bids on this hook, and the hooks in the post below this one, till 10pm May 3.

Oh and bytheway... this hook is made from a branch of the famous old Deadman Crick Apple tree from up on the ranch. Its 7 1/4 inches (18.5 cm) long and is a K (6.5mm).

You can email bids to me at:

I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Thanks for dropping by!

Tracey starts it with $25
Kelley takes it up to $50
CJ ups it to $55
Kelley is back with $60
CJ bumps it to $64



jenna! said...

Simply gorgeous!

Joyce said...

Jimbo, the hook is beautiful. And, yes, I do think that it's natural not to want to let go of what we've made.

JoAnn said...

WOW Jimbo.........well now you do have yourself in a PICKLE don't you?? I can so see how one side of you would want to keep it, but the other side says hey, let someone enjoy is DEFINATLY ART!! ANd lovely!!!
Have fun on the cruise, says the jeleous JoBug...hehehe

Anonymous said...

That is one sexy hook!

FaerieQueen said...

Wow, this one is beautiful! I see why you don't want to let it go!

Pema Lodrön said...

Just for fun, I clicked Babel Fish into Portuguese. I´m Brasilian but I'm OK with English. It's awfull! It's really a Babel-Portuguese. Otherwise, your crochet hook is actually a piece of art! You should get going! Actually, my son has made one for me when I had a very thick thread. Congratulations!

Alice said...

Making everyday objects so beautiful is most definitely art! I say keep it (even though I'd bid like mad to get it if you auctioned it). Perhaps enter it into an art show or something. It's gorgeous, Jimbo!

Kelley said...

I agree with Alice...and I would also bid like mad to win this hook if you choose to put it up for auction!
Don't you have some home improvement project that you need funds for?? ( it!..hint)

JoAnn said...

Are you back yet???? Are you home yet?? Is the cruise over yet???
We MISS you Jimbo!!!

Diana Troldahl said...

That is one of the most beautiful tools I've ever seen. :-}