Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back from Cruise... or "How Jimbo Saved the Ship"

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Karol and I went on a week long cruise down the sunny Baja Peninsula, to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. We had a great time, getting tanned on our little deck, eating way too much delicious food, and drinking too many drinks with tiny umbrellas.

Ah but its good to be back in good ole Spokane, especially after our "experience". And let me tell you right here and now. You won't believe what I'm about to tell you. But I swear what you're about to read is utter fabrication.

The first part of our journey started in Los Angeles California where we flew down to meet our ship, the Sapphire Princess, a beautiful and HUGE cruise ship. We boarded with almost 3000 other party animals from all over the world. From the minute they cast off the mooring lines, the game was ON! We partied on down from LA to our first stop, Puerta Vallarta Mexico, where we were met by:

That's right, your eyes aren't deceiving you! We were met just before docking in Puerto Vallarta by a Pirate Ship!!!
"Arrrr!" cried the Pirate cap'n, "preparrr to be boarrrrded! We're here for bootie and plunderrrr!"

Thinking quickly, I yelled back, "Arrrr yourself, Matie... That be a fine lookin mast pole ye have there!! Maybe make a nice crochet hook!! ARRRRR!"
Well now that made those pirates think twice. Before they could remember that the cruise line wouldn't let me carry my whittlin tools on board, they beat a hasty retreat and we were able to sail on into port where a good time was had by all.

Ah but they weren't finished.... One of those sneaky rascals must have been reading about the ancient Greeks because in the very next port, what did I see from my little balcony but...

You guessed it!! At the very next port, Matzatlan, the pesky devils made another try... this time it was the old Trojan Mariachi trick. Ah but I saw right through their little ruse, warned our captain not to take those oversized musicians aboard and, well here we are... home safe and sound!

Seriously, we DID have a fantastic time on the cruise! I recommend it highly if you get chance. Just steer clear of pirate ships carrying oversized mariachi players.

And now on to the auction!!


Yarnjeannie said...

You're too funny, Jimbo! I enjoyed reading your post! Glad you had a wonderful time on your cruise.

JoAnn said...

It's high time you jumped ship and got your hiney back here!!
I am so glad you and your love had a great time, jeleous yes, but HAPPY for ya matey!! Now we can bid right???

angelfire said...

Glad you'all had a great time, hope you didn't bring back swine flu.....sounds like a great time

drew said...

The oversized mariachi are becoming a real problem worldwide. Glad you made it home safely!

Cherri said...

You're such a nut! Glad you had fun. :)
Hugs, Cherri