Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Yahoo!! Another fantastic showing! Thanks to all who bid! All those who had the highest bids, please consider using the "make a donation" button for payment through Paypal, or contact me with payment plans.
Thanks everyone!! More coming soon.


The hooks you see here are all up for auction. Karol and I back from our week for an after-tax-season CRUISE down the Baja.

And the hooks? Well take a look. They're all beauties.

Starting from top to bottom (and I'll number them 1 - 8):

1. Zebra wood H. This little guy is just 6 1/2 inches (16.5cm)long and made of that really interesting and highly figured Zebra wood. This wood works very well for hooks.

2. Redheart G. Redheart is just the purtiest wood!! And it makes wonderous hooks. This one has a relatively new handle shape, sharp taper to the hook shank from an indent that encircles the handle from a well defined thumb rest. This hook is COMFORTABLE and might be used as easily by overhand OR underhand grippers. Its 6 5/8 inchs (17cm)

3. Smoked Birdseye Maple H. This is the second smoked hook I've made and its another real beauty. Difference between this one and the last is its a little shorter than the last one, and this one has the new grip style (simliar to #2 above). It's 6 1/2 inches (16.5cm) long.

4. Redheart I Did I mention how pretty Redheart is, and the quality hooks it makes? This one is every bit as pretty as #2 above, only its an I and its 7 inches (17.75cm) long. This one also has the new grip. I think you'll LOVE it!

5. Bloodwood K. Bloodwood is really hard, and when its finished right (and it IS), it has a sort of deep transparancy that's just amazing. You can just sit and stare, but not too long because I think you'll really enjoy crocheting with this beauty as well. It's 7 1/4 inches (18.6cm) long and made with the abrupt taper to the shank and a thumb rest.

6. Maple Egghook G. Seems like there was lots of interest in the Egg hook that I gave away at Easter, so I made another one, only this one is a bit smaller, matching the smaller hook size. These hooks are just amazingly comfortable. Ask anyone who ownes one. Length is 4 1/4 inches (11.2cm), and its made from a branch of the Maple in my back yard.

7. Purpleheart H. I found a chunk of hard ole Purpleheart a few days back and decided its been some time since I made a Purple hook. So here you go. This H is a longish, about 7 3/4 inches (19.75cm) long and has a nice fat thumbrest.

8. Redheart F. Yeah its another ho hum beautiful Redheart hook... and that wood is so nice for hooks that a feller can get it down to a tiny F! (3.75mm). This little guy is just 6 1/4 inches (16cm) long.

As I noted above, this auction will run concurrently with the auction for the sculpted Deadman Crick Apple hook above, so the auction will close at 10pm on May 3.

I'll take bids on this hook, and the hooks in the post below this one, till 10pm May 3.

You can email bids to me at:

I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Thanks again for stopping by!



1. Zebra wood H.
Lillibet plunks down $25
Kelley ups it to $30
Dawn's gonna do $38

2. Redheart G.
CJ says $20
Carol T goes to $25
CJ raises to $30

3. Smoked Birdseye Maple H.
Jobug's here! $25
Sherry wants a hook that matches her guitar! $30
JoBug's back with $35

4. Redheart I
Tracey goes $15
Lillibet goes to $25

5. Bloodwood K.
Alice says $20
Serena goes to $25

6. Maple Egghook G.
CJ with $25
JoAnn T goes to $28
CJ's back with $30
Nicole comes in with $35

7. Purpleheart H.
Lillibet goes $15
CJ ups it to $35
Lillibet ups it to $40
CJ's back with $45

8. Redheart F.
Lesley from Australia!! bids $25
Tracey ups to $27.50
Sherry takes it to $30
Tracey: $32.50
Jayne: $33.00
Tracey goes to $35.50


Easter Egghook Hunt WINNER IS>>>>>> (this post is edited to include the auction hooks above; so at least some of the comments you'll see.... including much deserved come-uppence, and I apologize for being so mean.... are directed to the Egghook contest)

You have to look through my blog to find the winner!! heh Just teasing!

Thank you ALL for all the time some of you spent looking through the blog to find the hook. I feel kind of bad and sneaky because all the time the Easter Egghook was right here in the basket. Too sneaky??

Sorry... But I hope you at least had a good time strolling through the blog.

We had 35 patient and very nice folks trying. Not everybody found the right hook, but even so, I put all 35 in the contest and used my trusty random number generator to pick a winner. And wouldn't you know it?? The VERY FIRST entry, by none other than the Lovely and Famous crochet designer, teacher and author Tracie Barrett wins the hook!!

You'll recognize Tracey in Crochet! Magazine,
2009 Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar, Crochet Liberation Front's First Ever Book; and Crochet World. Tracey also is the winner of BEST NEW DESIGNER in the Crochet Liberation Front "Flamie" Awards!!

Congratulations Tracie!!! Hope your Easter Egghook works well for you!!

And thanks to everyone again for taking the time to enter!!


I know, there's been a gap in Auctions of late. Well, I've been slacking for a couple reasons. One is that we need to replace our washer and dryer and to do that of course you need a laundry room remodel and so a simple new washer and dryer project has transmogrified into new vinyl, paint, storage shelving, plumbing relocation etc.

And I've been working on special hook projects too.

Anyways, excuses aside, and feeling bad about not posting, and with Easter fast approaching, I decided that to make up to you, I'd best do a give away contest!

An EASTER EGGHOOK contest. And in the spirit of the Easter Egg Hunt, I've hidden this Easter Egghook somewhere in my blog, and all's you need do is find it, email me where you found it, and of those who correcly identified the location will be entered in a drawing to be conducted Monday, April 13. Fun Huh!!?

Just a hint... the Easter Egghook has been very cleverly hidden (if I sayso myself). Another hint.... there are other egg hooks in the blog... Jimbo egg hooks go WAY back to my first introduction several years ago. BUT there is only ONE Easter Egghook so choose carefully.

Hope this isn't too hard. But hay I think the prize is worth a little effort.

Please send your entries by email.... don't post your entries in the comment section or you'll tell everyone where the hook is and decrease YOUR odds of winning.

So! Please send your entries (one per person, please) to me at:

I'll take entries up untill 10PM Pacific Standard Time on Monday, April 13 (which bytheway is my sister Sandy's Birthday!!).

Good Luck and happy Easter Egghook Hunting!!!!


Lov2Crochet said...

That is one lovely "egghook" Love all your creations!

Lindsay aka Lov2Crochet

Zipperhead said...

Great hook Jim!


emeraldjayne62 said...

you know how much they helped my hands an he I though I would have to stop crocheting untill the eeg feel in my hands, anybody with RA,Fibermialga,try to get an eeg hook its great in the hands and no pain going though your hands you'll love it. I do I just need smaller size ,God bless you Jimbo my hand thank you for everything

Anonymous said...

wow-- I must be looking too hard -- figured you photoshopped an old photo and hid the egghook that way, read almost all the comments left throughout the blog -- this has sucked up literally HOURS! Do I win the consolation prize for being so diligent?

emeraldjayne62 said...

don't well bad Debra I went from ne end to the other just take your time and read it slow then you will find it

Keesha said...

I did the same thing Debora. I read the whole blog from this post all the way to very first one. Didn't see a thing. I guess we're not getting entered unless we figure this out! I'm very confused. It is a lovely hook though, but he always makes beauties!

Kelley said...

I also looked through EVERY page of Jimbo's blog which took a couple hours of my life away, but heck, it IS for the chance to win one of Jimbo's beautiful hooks!

Good luck everyone!

Maureen said...

I'm still hunting - and hunting - this is the hardest contest you have ever held, Jimbo, even my husband wishes that I could find it because I have been looking so hard!

Tracie said...

Wow! Thanks Jimbo!! :) And thanks for all the great words. :)

Maureen said...

While I am sincerely happy for Tracie, that she won the hook, nevertheless, I admit to feeling just a little miffed that such a trick was played on us - I was taken in, I spent hours and hours hunting, and the hook really wasn't hidden at all, was it?
I know, I should really get a life - this has been quite an eye-opener for me, perhaps a watershed - I won't be spending so much time online after this experience.
The contest should have some with a great big CAVEAT.....

missmaxx said...

Congratulations Tracie!
I spent a long time getting to know Jimbo better by reading his blog. I'd never say that was a waste of time! I learned he's a pretty good bunny so he's allowed a few trick clues now and then.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Tracie! Yes, Jimbo keeps us all entertained with his sense of humor and generosity -- so some of us where daubed... oh, well, it was all in good fun and yes, I read some of the older blog posts for the first time and learned a bit more about the ranch and Jimbo. :-)

Lov2Crochet said...

Awe shucks!

Congrats Tracie!!