Tuesday, January 06, 2009

three that flowed.... Auction Over!!!

Thanks to you all for bidding! What a fantastic auction! High bidders are JoAnn, Dawn and Suzan.

(supplimental entry, Star Date 1/12/09)We're back from the crick... finally. Long story, and one that involves me and a shallow coat pocket and a bumpy time plowing snow and truck keys that WERE in the shallow coat pocket..... and us being a hunnert miles from another truck key.. then follow up decisions to maybe get phone service at the crick and maybe sign up for Triple A. But we're back. Still feeling a little disgusted with myself, but hay stuff happens, right?

Had a great time with really great friends, Jim and Mickey though.

Anyways on to the auction and hooks and such......

(for scale, I leaned my trusty snow shovel against the berm along side our driveway. If you want to get an idea of scale, that shovel is 12 feet 7 inches long......... ok ok I exaggerated just a little)

And now in a bald face play for your sympathy, I give you the RECORD SPOKANE SNOW.... as seen on TV. It's all true. We've been snowed on and blowed on and snowed on again. And for dessert how about a few more inches of snow. Main course, snow a la snow. Oh and did I mention cold? Cold too. All that makes for sore shoveling muscles and few chances if any to make hooks. Ah but the weather got up to 34 degrees F. today (although its STILL snowing) so i ventured out to make hooks... and I managed to do two BF (before frostbite). The third hook I did a week ago in the warmth of my basement. Don't you just feel soooo sorry for me?
heh. Well it could certainly be worse. We have power, and shoveling snow is good exercise, right?
Anyways, so much for my attempt to get you to lather sympathy on me...

Here are THE HOOKS for your bids:

(you can click on the image to see detail)

Two of these hooks (can you guess which?) are made from VERY exotic hardwoods that were a Christmas gift from my sis, Sandy (who is responsible for getting all this started) And yes, I'll be making her a hook or two from the turning blanks she got me, but not these.... THESE are going up for bids!

okok here we go

The top hook is double rare. Its a size 7 (4.5mm), which you don't commonly find on every corner. AND its made of EBONY!! This is the very first hook I've ever made from Ebony. Why, you ask? Ebony is VERY expensive. The turning blank so generously given my by Sandy probably cost her.. well she wouldn't tell. But I'm too cheap to buy ebony myself so you KNOW it must be expensive. Ebony is a very hard wood, as you may know, and its the stuff that is used to make the black keys on your Steinway Grand. This rare beauty is 7 inches long.

The middle hook is another exotic wood that I've never tried before. Maybe that's cause I cain't pronounch it... its Jicarillo, which I think comes from Honduras or someplace down south of here where they don't have to shovel every 10 minutes or get 75 inches of #$% snow.... (a little whine interlude there).... Jicarillo, as you see, is as pretty as it is hard to pronounce. Another really beautiful wood, as you can tell from the photo. Been wondering how it is that South America and Africa get all the most beautiful woods (the old apple tree excepted, of course). Anyways this lovely figured hook is an H (5mm) and its 7 1/2 inches long.

And the bottom hook. No its not an exotic hardwood, and no it wasn't turned... it was hand carved and from a fir tree branch straight from the crick. Amazingly comfortable and oh does it smell good!! In fact i left the handle without finish just to share a little eu de forest with the high bidder. All's you need do to be swept away to the forests of Deadman Crick is rub the handle hard with a clean cloth, hold the hook under your nose and wooooosh, you're swept away into the woods.
I've a hunch you could crochet some nice things with this little guy too. Its an I (5.5mm) and only 5 3/4 inches long.

So....lets run this auction till next Wednesday, Jan 14th; 10pm Pacific Std time if my roof makes it that long (roofs have been caving in under the snow all over Spokane) Just kidding of course... mine won't likely cave in because I shoveled it off.

And as per usual, you can email your bids to me at


So thanks for your patience... I'll try to get unthawed enough to make more hooks soon, and in the meantime.... you have a VERY happy and prosperous New Year!!



Ebony 7:
Kelly goes $30
Tine goes $35
Alice takes it to $45
JoAnn is in for $50

Jicarillo H:
Kelly here too.. $30
Dawn says $35
Candice sent in her bid for $40
Dawn takes it to $50

eu de Forest I:
Dawn again with $35
Kari's here!! And with $45
Suzan likes eu de Forest... $55


Reneva said...

Happy New Year, Jimbo! May hooks spin swiftly on your lathe and the snowfall be repelled from your driveway!

angelfire said...
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angelfire said...

Those are beautiful, as always. Hate the snow, we have had enough and I don't want yours. Love the looks of all and I consider your handcarved beauty priceless.

Thank you for the Christmas gift and my granddaughter adores her hook too.

Traveling hook III is on it's way and all of us at Crochetville love your precious hooks, look forward to many more.

Oh BTW, my hubby bought me a hadmade cabinet to keep just my Jimbo hooks in so I have many years to fill them.

JoAnn said...

Hey Jimbo, wow, your place looks worse than mine here in Iowa!!! I am so sorry. BUT I am glad you dug yourself out to make them there purdy hooks!! I gots my eye on one fer sure, and I am awaiting the bidding to get a little closer before I get in, but I will get in on this one, cause I HAVE to...lol..just ask me. I stashed away my Christmas money JUST for this!!!!!
JoAnn AKA JoBug

JoAnn said...

Yippie Yippie Yippie!! A DREAM come true, I can't beleive I won!! I was working tonight and frieghtful ALL 8.5 hours that I was going to be outbid and not home in time to get in another bid. Jimbo, you made an old sick goat vewwwwwwyyyyy happy tonight!! Or should I say this morning....hehehe
Hugs and JIMBO hooks!
JoAnn in Cold Iowa