Thursday, January 08, 2009


The Valentine hook for FARA goes to high bidder, Debora. Deb selected the bottom hook for her bids, so that leaves the little heart hook to be given away come Valentine's Day! Thanks to Debora and all who bid. FARA will be $60 closer to a cure!
Don't forget, we still have the contest for the little heart hook. The give away is also intended to raise awareness of FA, so please take the time to watch the video and enter the contest. We'll draw a name from the qualifying entries on Valentine's day.

(Still no entries from outside the US..... I'm a little disappointed. FA knows no boundaries, you know. In fact I think its a little more prevalent in Europe than here.)

Thanks again, and good luck!!


(click on the image to see detail)

Ok... so now the auction is over, the bottom hook is going to Debora, and the little heart hook is going to the winner of the contest.

Before getting started, if you're not aware of what Friedreich's Ataxia is, please take a few minutes and watch this video:

In fact you'll need to watch the video and pay close attention, because the video contains information that is critical for entry in the contest.

So here's what you do....

Sit down with a box of tissues (I'll admit i cried like a baby so I'm guessing you might too), and watch the video linked above. While you're watching and listening, find out:

1. What Samantha, Mary Caruso's daughter, said she wants after she says "I don't know what I did to deserve this but i want ___ ___________.

2. What words does Alex Orth have tattooed on his arm?

3. 10 year old Donovan is quite the baseball player, and a joker too. What is Donovan's first base buddy's name?

There you go.... you can enter the contest FREE, there will be no further bidding on either hook.

Please send your contest entries to me at:
Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th)is when the winner will be drawn from all those who have the correct answers to the three question quiz.

OK? That sound fair? I know I'm making you work for your entry, but I think you'll agree that the video is worth watching and the LEAST you'll get is a better understanding about FA and that funding research for a treatment or cure is a very worthy cause.

Please DO NOT post your contest answers in the comment section of this blog.. you'll make it too easy for other entrants. However please feel free to post comments about the video, the hooks, how handsome Jimbo is, etc.

The hooks? Well of course they HAVE to be made of RED HEART. Both are fully functional hooks but the little fella requires a unique grip style... its only 3 inches long. I'd thought to make the little hook into a pendant or a brooch, but decided not to interfere with it's hookness because it DOES crochet, and whatever you make with it you can say "It came from the heart".

When I made the hooks, I realized that i didn't have my trusty vernier caliper handy, so I just let the hook sizes find themselves. But I've had inquiries about size so I checked, and they both almost identical sizes.... 6.25mm. That's just a wee bit bigger than a J and a wee bit smaller than a K. Perfect for making totally unique projects straight from the heart.

Hope this isn't too complex or much to ask, but on the other hand, these are some pretty unique hooks and are hopefully worth your efforts.

Good Luck!!


Contest Entries:
Debora is also the first entrant, with answers to all three questions correct!

Dawn is in the running too.... with a %50 chance of winning!! Beats the lottery eh?

Kathy brings the odds to 33.3%... still a hunnert thousand % better than the lottery!

Maureen from Brisbane Australia answered correctly and has a good chance (1 in 4 at
this point) to win.

Kelly E is in with all three correct, and

AnaMaria is too, making the odds one in six.. STILL not so bad, eh?

Diane got all three too!

Miss Erin got'em all! We now have 8 entries!

Maryann's in with all three and then some!

And Molly makes it 10

Maryah got'em

As did Marty

Kris too!

Kro Shey (gotta love that name, eh?) got'em all!

BONNIE is here! Cried through the video but got them all!!

And heeeerrr's TAMMY with all the answers!

Cheryl got'em and she's IN!

JoBug had the answers!

Local Spokane friend, Julie M got'em!

Deb is in with all the answers!

Genevieve got'em all the way from France!

Amanda is IN!!

Susanna dropped me a note with the answers too!

Sherri I. is here with the right stuff!

Serena makes it three S's in a row... with the correct answers!

ANOTHER S! Sandra got all three!

Manda's from Canada! And she got them too!


t said...

Wow that snow sure is beautiful but I know I would not want to shovel that. Stay warm and healthy out there.

isleeurolyons said...

Hi Jimbo...cannot get over how much snow you have. I'm back permanently on Vashon Island now and got snowed in for two weeks over a misely 8 to 12 inches of snow! When you get dug out, would like to talk to you about making a hook for my aunt. Take good care Jimbo!

t said...

Jimbo they are fantastic. You really outdid yourself. BTW what hook size are they?
Tam aka wiz3283

JoAnn said...

Oh my Jimbo, what ADORABLE hooks!!! Who needs a sweetheart when they can win one of them????WOW, all I can say. I wonder what you will come up with for the contest.....should I start an essay now????? HEHEHEHE

Vnukot said...

I like your blog. :)

JoAnn said...

Well now, looks like I may have to enter the contest for a freebie, pooh, out of my price now, dang it, I need more christmas money..too late to ask for more christmas money hu?? HEHEHE

Maureen said...

:) - I am here, Jimbo! - I am from outside the US!

Jimbo said...

Sorry Maureen!! I didn't recognize the accent! Hope you can forgive a mate, eh?