Friday, January 23, 2009

Pretty but Dangerous

no, i'm not talking about Karol.. True, she's pretty. But dangerous?? Not MY sweetie.... ooooh nooo (and that'd be true even if she DIDN'T read my blog). No, I'm talkin about this>

fog has been hanging around Spokane for days now...along with freezing tepmeratures so you get some pretty but potentially dangerous results.

(click for more detail)

This is my back yard in Spokane this morning. Got back from the crick last evening (all's well up there except its coolish (around 18 degrees F). But here in Spokane, we've been getting a fair amount of fog that freezes on the branches, wires, old hook whittler's ears, etc. Really beautiful to look at but if we get much more, power lines will start coming down like wet spiderwebs. hmmmmmm...downed branches....Could mean lots of hook material coming available. Always a silver lining eh?

Still, although worrisome, its sooooo beautiful. The ice crystals are just amazing.

So I thought I'd share.....

Now back to the contest.....

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