Monday, December 15, 2008

what do you do at minus two?

What do you do at minus two??? 1. go to the crick. 2.Take pictures!!!

It was minus 2 degees F when I took these pictures up at the Crick. The weather's turned cold, so I made a quick overnight run to the Ranch to check up on things. Had a cracklin fahr (that's cricktalk for crackling fire) in the stove and read almost a whole book after plowing the driveway and such. So quiet and peaceful. Wisht you all coulda be there.

The cabin looks kinda tiny next to those big fir's eh? If you click on this picture, then look close, near the center of the picture is the old apple tree that has donated so many branches for my crochet hook making. In fact, hook #4 in the auction below this post is made of wood from that tree. Last night there were two white tail does eating at the deer block we put out under the apple tree, to feed the poor cold things. Pretty, but they get feisty over who gets to feed on the deer block. Fun to watch but I worry about them in such cold weather.

This is the view from the woodpile. Made a few trips out to the old woodpile last night and this morning I'll tell you. But the view made it worthwhile. And the fact that the woodpile is a step out the side door and is under our brand new lean-to roof makes the trip all the more enjoyable. If you look close you can see the tracks in the snow left by deer.

I'd like to post more, but I'm guessing the blogmeister might not like it... best be off to attend to new bids at the auction and chores.

Thanks for dropping by!

(the auction has experienced a Deadman Crick delay but is up and running again, one post below this one)


Debbi-a1 said...

Beautiful! The first photo could be framed. And those are some BIG pine trees. Of course I just like to look at cold not really live in it (although I do).

Fat Chick said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!

And your crochet hooks are beautiful too!

Cappy said...

Sounds darn cold.

PeacePilgrim said...

Happy to have found your blog. Hope to purchase some hooks in the future. Also, lovely photos!

ladylinoleum said...

OMG, those shots are stunning!

One of these days, I will see your beautiful place in person!!