Friday, December 12, 2008

Decembuuurrrrrr Hooks Auction Closed Thank you all for bidding!!


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also please note the rule change in bold itallics below.

Sorry to be so late getting back. Lots of stuff going on, including the biggest snowstorm of this season. The news is telling us to stock up supplys just in case. I'm sayin let it snow. Worry a little about the Ranch, though, when we can 't be up there.
Anyways, its high time I made a few hooks eh?
Most of my time of late has been devoted to making the scenery for the "Heartsongs" play (see post below), so its good to get back to hook making, even though it's cold and shivvery in my workplace (unheated out there).
Ok, I'll quit bending your ear and get to the hooks.

Lets start at the top and work down, eh?

We'll call the top hook #1, next one down, #2 and so on.

Ok so the #1 hook is a first for me. Its made of Manito Park (a famous local park) Juniper. I got it from a good friend and well known artist Ken Spiering, who got it from park Caretakers. We thought it would be more of a red color, but it turns out more like cedar. You'll first be surprised by how light this hook is. It seems to lift your hand, its so light. Don't think I've ever mad a lighter hook in such a large size (11.5mm which on some size charts, is a P). The hook is 7" long. A word to prospective buyers, this hook is finished with several coats of polymerized oil, so the surface is harder than normal, HOWEVER it is still softer than hardwood hooks and will demand a soft touch and soft yarn...

Phew.. almost wore you out on the first hook, eh? Ok we'll move on.
Hook #2 is made of good ole Deadman Crick Bush Maple and it's an N sizewise. Not as light weight as the juniper (hook #1) but still light to hold for such a large hook. And oh yeah... its a smidge over 7 inches long.

Hook #3 is another Deadman Crick hook... but this time its Aspen (love me that Aspen). Light weight too, and another N sizewise but a bit shorter... 6 1/2 inches long.

Hook #4 is straight off the old Deadman Crick Apple tree. Think of it. This little stick once was part of a branch that grew apples for the deer and bear up on the Crick. And apple is such a nice hard hook wood. This one is an "I" size, and is 7 inches long. I left the handle end and thumb rest with knife marks. The cuts were so smooth that I just didn't have the heart to sand them down.

Hook #5 is a Lacewood beauty. I keep telling myself that I won't make any more lacewood hooks, because they like to throw sharp splinters my way when i'm turning them on the lathe. Ah but the wood is so pretty that I can't resist just one or two more. This one is 5.75 mm (between an I and a J on the Bates gauge) and is 7 1/4 inches long.

Hook #6 is another Lacewood hook, only this time we have an H that's a bit shorter..tipping the tape at 7 inches.

Hook #7 is an Aspen (handle) and Birch (shank) Tunisian K that will easily double as an orchestra conductor's Baton. Make a shawl, conduct a symphony, you choose, this hook will work well for either. I made the handle with a thumb rest for amazing comfort.. it fits the hand so well. Hook-to-handle dimension is 10 1/2 inches...just the right width for a nice warm scarf, eh?

Hook #8. Should we call it a hook or a stick? Well lets say it's a stick that thinks it's a crochet hook. In fact it does a pretty dang good job at crocheting. It also works well as a rustic letter Y, and yes, as a smallish slingshot frame (add rubber bands and a pouch and wall-ah!). When used as a crochet hook, it tips the scale at a 7 (between a G and an H). And its roughly 8 1/2 inches long.

Hook #9 is another N, only this time made of Aspen in my almost famous semi-egg hook shape. It's 5 1/2 inches long and just amazingly comfortable to hold if you're a overhand crochetier.

So there you have it!
Lets run this auction till 10pm Pacific Std Time on Thursday, Dec. 18th.
You can send bids by email at

I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Rule change: Lets leave the bid increases open (no minimum raise) until the last day (Dec. 18). On that day lets make the bid increases $5 minimum. I'm doing this in fairness to those who are in different time zones and who can't stay up and would be disappointed wake up only to find they lost by a dollar. Not that that's been an issue, just avoiding the possibility.

Oh and don't forget, you can still order Chophooks. Take a stroll down the blog a few entries and more about Chophooks. They're very usable, affordable hooks and ALL the $$ raised by them go to FARA, research to find a treatment or cure for Friedreich's Ataxia.

And..... thanks for dropping by!!



Hook #1
Tine all the way from Denmark where they don't yet have snow.. $10
Genevieve all the way from France bids $15
Miss Erin is putting down $20

Hook #2
Tine still from Denmark and with child! $10

Hook #3
Guess whoo?? Tine with $10
Genevieve again with $15

Hook #4
Ok once more.. Tine $10
Dawn's breaking... $30

Hook #5
Debora starts us off with $20
Dawn is hear again.. $30

Hook #6
Debora here too..$20
Patty goes $25
Sherri comes in at 9:54 with $30

Hook #7
Tine again.. $20
Lady Linoleum is here!!! And she wants this tunisian/baton! $50

Hook #8
Dawn feels sorry for the stick hook without a bid and does $15
So does Brandy.. $16
Amanda thinks the stick hook would be a unique gift and bids $25

Hook #9
woops.. Tine's back with another $10!!
Deanna and Genevieve tied, bid but Deanna's bid was first so... Deanna..$20



angelfire said...

great looking hooks
enjoy your errands

wildthing1058 said...

oh my I can't wait

ladylinoleum said...

Okay, I just sent you an email bid and I responded to your last email to moi. Sorry for the delayed reply. I'm buried! Give C a big hug for me!