Monday, November 17, 2008

Chloe models her new cap and mittens..and announces a WINNER!!

Papa: "What a pretty hat and mittens, Chloe"
Chloe: "Yes"
Papa: "Are they nice and toasty and warm up here at the Crick?"
Chloe: "Yes"
Papa: "Wasn't that nice of Memaw to buy them for you at the auction?"
Chloe: "Yes"
Papa: "Want to tell everyone how old you are?"
Chloe: "Yes"
Papa: "Ok Chloe, how old are you?"
Chloe: "Free"
Papa: "Can we count the hat and mittens?"
Chloe: "Yes. One, two, free!"
Papa: "Shall we pick the winner of Papa's contest?"
Chloe: "Yes"
Papa: "How about number 8?"
Chloe: "Yes"
Papa: "Did you know that number 8 made your cap and mittens?"
Chloe: "Yes"
Papa: "Did you know her name is GrannyAnnie?"
Chloe: "Yes"
Papa: "Good JOB, Chloe! Now come give Papa a hug!"
Chloe: "No"

Congtratulations Ann!!!! You won the FARA Challenge Hook!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Granny Annie and what a lovely set of warm and cuddly for an adorable child.

Joyce said...

LOL What a great way to announce the winner.