Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Don't know why, maybe its just one of those things that develop from laying in the meadow and watching the clouds form into wondrous things, but I tend to see things in some of the pieces that change from sticks to crochet hooks and the like.

Take for example the Nostepinde that revealed itself on my lathe after spending a satisfying life as an aspen branch up on the Ranch before falling, beginning to decompose (that's called "spalting" by woodworkers) and being greedily grabbed by me and whisked away to my shop before the decomposition process went too far.

As the beautiful spalted grain started to reveal itself under the gray bark, two chubby little Angels took form between the handle and shank. Amazing, eh? So this particular Noste has a name.... TWIN ANGELS. They even have halos! So now we have a very useful tool, and an angelic image that transforms the whole piece into something more.

Twin Angels is a little larger (11 inches long) than most Nostes I've made, mainly because I thought someone might like to do larger center pull yarn balls than the typical Noste will allow... and because the wood is pretty light weight. A heavier wood at this size would quickly wear on a wrist.

So what to do with Twin Angels? I'm hesitant to take bids, because its so special. On the other hand, this came from the trees around the Ranch have been generous with donations to the cause (raising funds for building the porch on the cabin).

I'll cogitate on it more and invite your comments as well.

Ok, on to other nifty things that are definitely up for bids.

The crochet hook immediately below Twin Angels is also from the Ranch. This hook is a Bush Maple beauty with normal blond maple dominating the handle and a darker streak of heartwood running along the shank and hook head. Its a rare (for me) F size. F hooks don't just trip lightly from my blade. Lots of them give up in disgust and break long before they winnow away to such a skinny size.
This hook also has four flats on the flared end of the handle. I did that to help keep the hook from rolling on an inclined surface.
Oh, and its about 7 inches long.

The other hook is of much darker wood. Not from the apple tree, but I'm thinkin maybe from one of the hazelnut bushes. Very pretty grain and lightweight, this hook weighs in as an H on my Bates gauge. I also whittled a flat spot on the flared handle end to help avoid rolling.
This hook is also 7 inches long.

And baby Noste? This one is actually smaller than most I've made, because someone once told me it would be nifty to have a smaller Noste for winding shorter lengths of yarn. So.. here you go; a 7 inch long beauty, made from that Bush Maple that brought you the F hook above.

Ok.. Lets make this one a really short auction... ending on Friday before all the Holiday stuff. We'll end it Friday night at 10pm Pacific Std Time.

And you can email me bids at:


I'll try to post bids as they come in.

And thanks for dropping by!!



Twin Angel
here's what I'll do. I'll take bids but all the proceeds will go to research to find a cure or treatment for Friedreich's Ataxia through FARA. Read more about FA in the blog.
First bid is the AMAZING doiley artist.. Stacey, with $40
Charity wants to help FARA AND the Twin Angels....$60!

Bush Maple F:
Sherri goes $15
Trisha says $20

Hazelnut H:
Shannon goes $25
Trisha again with $30

Baby Noste:
Genevieve, all the way from France, had her fancy tickled by the Baby Noste..$20

(oh and also see bids are being taken till tonight (Tues. Nov 18) on the Cocobolo hook below my post about Chloe)
Baby Noste:


theluckielizard said...
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angelfire said...

Jimbo the twin angel is awesome, what a blessing

Maria Amélia said...

Very nice! Twim angel and twim cloud above them.