Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let me introduce to you, Jessica and her Afghan

By VERY popular demand, and at long last, I'm very proud to introduce you to Jessica!! Ain't she a purty one!? Jessica as you may know, is the daughter of a couple of the best folks in this universe, Debbie and Dick. Debbie, fortunately, passed along her good lookin genes to Jessica and equally fortunately, Dick's not so good looking genes were blocked by Debbies good lookin ones. heh just kidding.
Jessica was thrilled to tears with the afghan you see in the picture, which was made and given to her by a good number of caring, talented and generous crochetiers. Such a fantastic gift, the afgan has already provided warmth and will be a HUGE comfort this coming cold season, both to Jessica and her roommate Gramma, Dale (Dale, bytheway, passed HER good lookin genes to Debbie AND Jessica).
Jessica lights up rooms.... has a smile that melts guy's hearts within a quarter mile radius; and she has Friedreich's Ataxia.

See more about Friedreich's Ataxia other places here in my blog, and learn more from the movie at...


This little movie says it all WAY better than I ever could. And if you find it in your hearts, please consider making a donation to FARA, and help fund research to find a treatment or cure for FA... for Jessica and for the thousands of other FA kids.

Also please note that all the proceeds from my "Chophook" sales go to FARA. You can see a sample chophook in the auction below this post.

Thanks again for dropping by. And thanks from our hearts to all those who are helping with your donations.

Take Care


Christina said...

Jessica is a gorgeous girl and that is a gorgeous afghan!!! I'm so psyched for the October challenge!

Cherri said...

Jimbo, thanks for posting a picture of Jessica. She's absolutely beautiful. The afghan came out so nice and I hope she can feel all the love that went along with it. Hugs to you both!!

angelfire said...

I am glad that Jessica is enjoying the afghan, she is a beautiful girl with a wonderful smile, good luck to her in the future. Keep smiling.

Kangarucci said...

Wow, that is really a classy Afghan, Jimbo. Oh, and so is Jessica a classy young lady.