Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lacewood Hooks Auction Closed! Sorry for the delay!

Aw GEEZ I messed up... Just now looked and saw the auction was set to close on Monday, and here it is Wednesday!! I somehow had Thursday in my cobwebby head.
Hope no damage is done... and i think not since there's been no bids in the interim.
So anyways, it looks like Marty is the high bidder and will add two more to her Jimbo hook collection! Thanks Marty and thanks to all who bid.

More to come shortly



Here we have two Lacewood hooks, an H and a K that are up for bids. I didn't think I'd be making more lacewood hooks, because it likes to spray me with tiny slivers while on the lathe. But when I saw these two little pieces in the turning stock bin and the incredible grain... well I couldn't resist. Don't think I've ever seen Lacewood this light in color, but wooooeeeee is it purty! There's just no way to photograph this wood and make it look as nice as it does in person. As you look at the photos, you'd think that the wood is all dimpled. Nope. Its so smoooooooth! And the little radial flecks give the wood a visual depth that you just have to hold and see to appreciate.
Remember those little prizes you'd get in Cracker Jack's? The little picture of a clown that when you tipped the picture, the image would change and he'd be winking at you? Well the grain of this particular lacewood has that effect and much to my frustration, you can't see it in the photo.
And on the larger hook (the K), there's a most peculiar grain anomaly. Somehow while the tree was growing, something that was brilliant red must have rubbed against the tree because there's two thin bright red lines sandwiched between successive annular rings. They're on the hook right about at the end of my thumb... very faint but very visible once you've spotted them. Mysterious, eh?

Anyways, both hooks are about 7 1/4 inches long and have the trademark Jimbo thumbrest. The top hook is the K and that leaves the bottom hook as the H.

Lets take bids on these till Canadian Thanksgiving (Monday Oct. 13), and close the auction at 10pm Pacific Standard Time.

You can email your bids at

I'll try to post bids as they come in.

And, as always, you can order chophooks (see them at posts prior to this one)and by doing so, help find a cure or treatment for Friedreich's Ataxia. Your donation (made by clicking on "make a donation" button in the left margin here in the blog) of $10 or more will go to find a cure and you'll get a chophook!

Ok here we go...


Lacewood K:
Marty's here with $15
Candice bumps it up to $20
Marty's back and goes $25

Lacewood H:
Patty goes $20
Marty with $25
Patty's back with $30
Candice says $35
Marty's here too..$40

And thanks again for stopping by!



jenna! said...

I'm not missing out on this auction!** I've been using the hook you gave me and its FABULOUS. Seriously.

Oops, probably shouldn't tell the interwebs that or else more people will want to buy your hooks. But seriously, my hook is amazing! I can't wait for the next auction!

**unless of course the auction ends while I'm in the UK and then I'll have to wait for the next one!

Melissa said...

I don't think you've ever disappointed anyone with your hooks!


Good Day, Jimbo!
The needle came yesterday, it is very nice!!
Thank you for this beautiful!
Sandra Coatti hugs ......

Bom Dia,Jimbo!
A agulha chegou ontem,ela é muito linda!!!!
Obrigada pelo lindo presente!
Abraços......Sandra Coatti