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High bidders, please contact me with your addresses asap. I'll be heading to California tomorrow (Sept 27) for a week to help my sis paint her house.... won't be back to mail packages till after then.

Oh, and the last minute bids last night got posted, but for some reason they didn't show up this morning. I'm suspecting that maybe just maybe i did something wrong. Sorry for any confusion.

And thanks for your bids!!


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Here are some of the hooks that made the trip with us to the Portland CGOA conference, and some that are fresh made since then. So without further ah doo... submitted for bids are a dozen hooks of a wide variety of styles and sizes.

Lets start with the three on the left.
The first hook is a chophook, made from a bamboo chopstick. These are a style of hook that I've been giving to folks in exchange for a donation to help find a treatment or cure for Friedreich's Ataxia. I'll send a chophook to donors of $10.00 or more. Donations can be made by using the "Make a Donation" button in the left margin here in the blog. If you can, please identify your donation by using the word Ataxia somewhere in the information requested by paypal. The chophooks, from reports by users, work very well, and although they're rectangular (with rounded corners) the size equates to about a K.

The second hook, to the right of the chophook, is a beautifully grained "semi-egg" hook made from a bramble bush up on the ranch. It's 5 1/2 inches long and a K sizewise. Stark contrasting grain colors and texture like no wood I've ever experienced.

Third from the left is a really unique larger hook, intended to be a workhorse, maybe for rug hooking or other heavy work. It has a thumb AND forefinger grip that will make pulling the hook easier when held in an overhand grip style. Its made from maple, and is approximately a Q (there's no Q hole in my Bates gage. Oh yeah.. its
7 1/4 inches long.

Now lets continue with the hooks in the center of the picture, the ones oriented horizontally. The top hook of this group we'll call the fourth hook, and it's hand carved from the old apple tree. Smooooooth but still has traces of bark on the handle. It has carved thmb and forefinger pads and is curved to fit an overhand grip style. Hook size is L with a really deep yarn swallowing gullet.

Down from the apple wood hook is the Fifth hook, and its a creamy white maple J. This hook is very lightweight and has a very pronounced thumb pad area for comfort.
It's 7 5/8 inches long, with little knots here and there and a thin dark streak on the shank that you don't see in the photo.

Next down is hook number 6 and it's done in the "hourglass" style that lends itself to either under or overhand grips. Its made of beautiful Redheart and is 7 1/4 inches long. Oh and its an I on the ole Bates gauge.

Number 7 is another rustic hook donated by the old apple tree up on the ranch. This hook is sooooo rustic, that it still has a little nubbin of a branch (hard to see in the photos) at the very end of the handle. I figured the little nub wouldn't get in the way and doesn't eat much... heh.. Oh, and the hook is a very snug I and is 7 1/2 inches long.

Moving on down to hook #8, we have a Hazelnut bush hook, again from up on the Ranch at Deadman Crick. Lots of grain contrast from a blond to coffee with cream and several little knot highlights remind you where this hook came from. Sizewise its a snug I and is 7 3/8 inches long.

Directly under hook 8 is hook #9 and its a beauty... well they all are in their own beautiful grain colors and textures.... but this one is made from a non Ranch wood, Black Walnut. Actually this is another really unique hook in that it didn't start off as a stick or square blank. No, this one started off as a board, flat on both sides. So this hook might appeal to either grip style. Its a K and is 7 inches long.

Now for hooks 10, 11, and 12 (the group of three on the right). These are all bullion hooks. Did I mention that I've been asking some VERY special Freeform Crochetiers to try my bullion designs, and I've learned quite a bit about the stitch. The hook head needs be tapered, and the hook itself should be narrow and slightly bent down to the edge. To assist the bullion wraps from the shank, I incorporate a slight shank taper as well (except in the "Bambullion" hook on the far left of the group). I think my bullion hooks have arrived and are now worthy of the name.

Hook 10 is the Bambullion hook... made from a bamboo chopstick. Its long and without thumb rest to allow for lots of loops. If I did the math right, ts approximately a K sizewise.

Hook 11 is a LONG Purpleheart bullion hook with a slightly tapered shank. There's a hint of a finger pad on the side opposite the hook gullet... intended for use by overhand grippers. Long flowing linesl Beautiful purple, Hard wood. No real size because of the tapered shank, but it starts off as an I and tapers to an M near the finger pad. The hook's 9 inches long!

And last but not least is "semi-egg) bullion hook #12. The shank on this pretty creamy colored bullion maker starts at the hook as an H and tapers to an M near the bulb shaped handle. This one is also made from Maple. Oh... and it's 6 inches long.

Phew! My fingers are tired from all this typing! Ah but I should ask that you email me your bids at

I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Closing time? Lets run this one till next Thursday September 25th and close it at 10 pm Pacific Standard Time.


hook 1 (no need to bid on chophooks... simply make a donation of at least $10.. you'll be helping find a cure for Friedreich's ataxia and getting a hook as a reward. Order as many as you like...I've several made up.

hook 2 Andee saw this one in Portland and she likes it! $30

hook 3 Becky needs to make some rugs..$20
Jeannette raises to $25
Shannon bumps it to $35
Heather sees afgans with this hook... $55

hook 4 Bonnie bids $25

hook 5 Ann goes $25

hook 6 Ann again for $25

hook 7 Diane agrees the little nubbin shouldn't eat much... and bids $50

hook 8 Bonnie goes $15
Last minit L goes $25

hook 9 Jeannette goes $25

hook 10 (first time ever there's been no bids on a hook.... poor little fella's gonna need some counceling)

hook 11 Bullion Bonnie Bids $15
Alicce bumps to $25

hook 12 $15 says Brandy

And AWAY we go! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your bids!

tired fingers


angelfire said...

beautiful hooks, love them all , my you have been busy

~Alesha~ said...

I sure do love to come by and see your work. Your new hooks are magnificent like always. Look how many, too! You HAVE been busy, whew. Take care.

RusticOkie said...

You do such beautiful work and for such a good cause. Just lovely.

drew said...

Dang it, I'm always a day late...