Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hook Auction Closed! Lani and Joan are high bidders!!

High time I brought out some hooks for sale, eh? Well its COLD out. In fact its been jittering around the Zero mark (F), and my lathe is in an unheated space. So what you see here are hooks that were made in a little warmer weather but not put up for bids because of, well I guess there's no real good excuse.

So what we have here is more Woodcraft wood.

The first hook (on the left) is made from Pink Ivory. No not real ivory but a really beautiful dense African hardwood that's pink. If you are into pink, THIS is a hook for you! It has a carved thumbrest, as you can see in the photo, so twould be best used by an underhand crochetier (what I've called the "toothbrush" grip) and
its 6 3/4" long. Size? Its an H.

The far right hook is one that should be a dandy for those who like to use a pencil grip, although it works well for toothbrush grippers as well. Its of a shape similar to the "traveling hook" (google "traveing hook II" to find out more.. its a fascinating story involving a hook I made, and some really talented and generous folks who are crocheting their way to a cure for cancer). There will be another traveling hook III soon (when i can get to my lathe) that will be on its way to cure Friedreich's Ataxia (see info about this in the post below). But for now.. here's a beauty of a hook that's an I sizewise and made from this gorgeous red Padauk. Oh and its Very well balanced, has a generous neck, and is 7 inches long.

And the middle hook? Its a "chophook", made from a chopstick, and one that I'm selling or more like donating in exchange for your contribution of $10 or more to FARA. Please scroll down and see my earlier post about this incredibly worthy project. The hooks are actually of a really nice bamboo... made from quality chopsticks. They're of a rectangular cross section, which makes size a difficult thing to determine, but my calculations tell me that they are close to a K sizewise. You can buy this hook or one like it(there are several on hand) simply by clicking the "make a donation" box in the left margin of this page (its a paypal button). Then where it asks for your name, type Ataxia as your MIDDLE name. That way I'll know you're designating the chophook and I'll know where to send it. 100% of your donation after paypal gets their cut, will go to FARA to help find a cure or treatment of this hideous affliction.

So... bids can be sent to me by email at

Lets run this auction till next Wednesday night at 10pm Pacific Time.




Pink Ivory H: SOLD to Joan for $65 (I'm closing bids early on this in order to get the hook to a good friend of Joan's who is ill) Sorry! I'll see if i can find some more Pink Ivory for another hook in the near future.. ok?

Padauk I:
Kari bids $25
Lani is back! With $35


Andy's Crafts said...

They look beautiful! Great job and happy Bidding!

angelfire said...

Beuatiful hooks and such a kind soul to sell the hook early enough to send it to someone so special. thank you for a mention of both Traveling hooks ( ). We are allowing people to sign up to be on the list for the Traveling hook III ( ) and already have interest for it to be sent to Ireland!!!
I hope you get lots of sales of the chopstick hook . Jimbo you are an angel in waiting.