Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jimbo Hook Auction Closed! Marty and Beth get the hooks!

click to enlarge... a wee blurry but you'll get the idea

Sorry for not posting much lately. Its been snowing alot here and up on the crick and (whine) its been a (whine whine) chore to keep the snow off this place, my neighbor ladies, and the crick (WHINE). Plus its been under 30 degrees F out at the old lathe (more whines). But here are a few I've been saving back till better weather and some's due this weekend so lets have an auction!!

These are some interesting and pretty wood hooks.

The semi-egg hook on the right of the triangle is an I sizewise and is made of good ole Deadman Crick Aspen. Its purt near 6 inches long and the bulb is 1 1/4 inches in diameter. Those who are knife (overhand) grippers and who might have a little wrist or finger pain when crocheting might appreciate the comfort this hook offers.

Next up is the left hook (sounds like boxing eh?). Its a long one.. 7 1/2 inches and is a K size. Its made of very hard Brazilian Cherry. This stuff's so hard that its used for flooring. You'll see that this one is done with the universal grip which should be comfortable for either overhand or underhand grips. It has a generous shank length and balance is just a smidge to the rear of the grip.

Two hooks are across the bottom. The top one of the two is made of Bloodwood, another hard one. The hook's another K but is shorter (7 inches). It has a carved thumb rest for overhand hookers, and a trimmed flair at the handle end which makes this a really unique shape. I did that to give the hook an interesting look that's different from any other Jimbo hook you'll find.

The very bottom hook is one of the hooks i make from good quality bamboo chopsticks. This hook isn't up for bids. It and others like it are up for sale with ALL the proceeds going to aid research for a treatment/cure for Friedreich's Ataxia (you can read more about it in posts below). The price: $10 minimum. You can order one simply by clicking the "make a donation" box which hooks you up to paypal. Just be sure to put the word "ATAXIA" as your middle name in the info box and i'll send you a hook. This is a truly worthy cause and the hooks are working well for those who have them already.

So there you have it! Lets keep this one running till next Wednesday, 10pm Pacific Standard time.

And thanks for stopping by!

Oh yeah, and you can send bids to me by email at:

your shivering
BIDS (I'll try to post them as they come in):

Jane's in for $10
Beth wants to try a semi-egg.. $15

Megan is here! with $15
Deb's here too...and goes $25
Fellow Washingtonian Marty bids $27

Me Jimbo... You Jane... $10
Me Jimbo.... Megan..$15
Jo's back and bidding..$25
Marty again..$27


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JoAnn said...

Hey Jimbo! Wow, GREAT hooks there!!! I am getting back to work, so soon, very soon, I can start bidding again on your beauties. Snow, yea, we got dumped on over a foot of it today!! And of all days, th day I decide to go back to that Karma??? LOL
A-D-O-R-E the hooks buddie!
JoAnn AKA JoBug in Iowa