Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm doing a hook/needle carving class.... wanna come?

Hay kids! I've been tossing the idea around for a spell and decided just today to go ahead and do a hook/knitting needle carving class. It will be held at Woodcraft here in Spokane (well actually Spokane Valley) near the corner of Sullivan and Sprague on the 31st of this month from 6-9pm.
Class size will be limited and costs will be fairly minimal, ($25) to cover materials and something for the store owners (I'm doing the class for free).
What you'll do in the class is carve your very own "chophook" from a bamboo chopstick (which i'll provide). I chose to use the chopsticks so there'd be minimal carving and to show how the hook end is carved. Learn that and it'll be lots easier for you to whittle your own hooks from other materials.
For those who'd prefer knitting needles, we'll use 1/4 inch birch dowels (i'll provide these too), which make pretty nice knitting needles. Karol's got a set and they're working very well.
If the time goes well and you've an interest, you could end up going home with your very own hook AND needles!
If you're interested email me at

asap cause the class size will have to be limited.


minky996 said...

I wish I lived closer to Washington! Hope your class has great turnout!!!

naomi said...

:( I wanna come too ! Too bad you're so far away.

JoAnn said...

I would LOVE to be there, too bad Iowa is so very far away.....
maybe you can bring your beautiful woods here?? : )

It's Me...Maven said...

Some rounded type chop sticks lend themselves very nicely to knitting needles, too:)

I'll be there in spirit, Jimbo!