Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Guess where WE'VE been?

Its been 16 days since I have made an entry here. Not that i've been dinking around, mind you. Well ok.... i've been dinking around a little. Ok ok.. so its been alot, but not all the time. I have been sending and delivering a few Chophooks to generous donees, some of whom are busy as i peck at this keyboard, making valuable articles to sell and donate proceeds to Friedreich's Ataxia research. Some are also increasing awareness by entering information in their blogs, websites, web groups etc; and i am very grateful. Please keep up the good work!

Elsewise, we've had a busy Christmas and New Years holiday as i expect you did too. Ours was partly spent up on the ranch, with lots of snow and rosy red cheeked grandkidos sledding down the hill, snow creaking underfoot; Karol, prettier than ever, enjoying the grandkids and relaxing a bit in the rocker with her knitting.

The photo you see is just one of our thousands of Christmas trees up on the Crick, decorated by the Master Decorator. Beautiful. That's what you see our the front window of the house too... mountains full. Such stark contrast that you have to look hard to see the green of the firs through the snow. Its something you can spend hours at, just looking out the window. And at night? Well if you're city folk, you simply wouldn't believe there could be so many stars in the sky and that they could be bright enough to light up the landscape. So yes indeed. Jimbo had a great Christmas.

But we did have a little excitement. Yesterday before we headed back here, the power went out. No heat in 10 degree weather is a little scairy. But we lit candles for light and what little heat they'd produce and cuddled up in blankets and these incredibly warm hand made afgans. The power did come back on in a few hours so the adventure ended happily enough, except our honored guests, Tomma and Patti didn't get to sample my famous Jimbo breakfast taters.

So anyways you're thinking, when is jimbo going to be putting up more hooks to auction? "Well", he answers with head lowered shamefully, "soon". In fact, the next batch of regular,(non chophook hooks) will be a selection of really beautiful woods from my favorite wood store "Woodcraft".

But I don't want for a minute to shift focus from the FA (Friedreich's Ataxia) donation thing either. So please scroll down and look at the FA entry immediately below this post and consider buying a Chophook for the cause. More coming.

And my wish for you for the coming year..... that once in awhile you're dumbfounded by the beauty around you; that you come down with long spells of real happiness, and that you use your life well.

Thanks for dropping by!



angelfire said...

What a beautiful picture...I love the look of snow but hate to drive in it.
It sounds like you have had a great Christmas season, WOW you do have a life outside of keeping women happy making crochet hooks for us to "pet"..caress as we crochet. Glad you had some time to connect with family and friends.

vicki said...

i agree i love the look, but hate driving in it. luckily we have only had a smattering. enjoy my friend