Thursday, December 06, 2007


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Here's a chance to do a number of REALLY good things all at once.

1. You can help find a cure for FRIEDREICH'S ATAXIA!

I didn't even know such a condition existed till some very close friends, Dick and Debbie's daughter Jessica was diagnosed. Friedrich's Ataxia is a degenerative muscular condition that attacks the young. I'm not at all qualified to give you particulars, but PLEASE go to the Alliance's Web site (below) to find out more. And in particular, if you've not quite made up your mind to donate... read some of the accounts of patients or their parents (click on the sub heading "meet some families". Then think... While there is no cure NOW, there is lots hope that research will result in treatments that will delay the symptoms and eventually result in a cure.

While research will benefit all patients... Karol and I personally would dearly love to see our Jessica, her Momma Debbie and Daddy Dick freed from this terrible burden.

please check out the website...
(note there's a link in their website to this blog!)

And please PLEASE note... you don't have to buy a hook! You can simply make a donation by following the directions in the curefa'll be directly contributing to a HUGELY worthy cause! But if you'd like to own your very own Jimbo Chophook (chopstick/crochet hook), read on...

2. You can get yourself a Jimbo Chophook by donating at least $10.00 (please donate more if you can) to the research alliance. All's you need to do is make your donation to the Alliance and I'll send you a hook. You can go to the website link above, contact the kind folks there and let them know you are donating... mention JIMBO HOOK in your donation info and they'll let me know. I'll mail you a hook. Easy Cheesy.

2.5 I have had several folks comment that they would love to help but are short on funds. Not to worry. If you've an interest and are willing, here's what I'll do. I'll send you a hook free. For your end of the bargain, you make and sell something, then donate the proceeds to the FA research fund. How's that? Just send me a note where you'd like the hook sent, by email to

3. You'll help the world turn greener by helping recycle renuable resources. These hooks are made from bamboo chopsticks that would otherwise be used for a meal and thrown away. SAVE THE CHOPSTICKS!! The one posted is rectangular in cross section (makes for some really interesting crocheting... it REALLY works well!)

Technically, the hook in the image is a smidge over 8 inches long and is the equivalent of a 7.5mm hook (between a K and L) I have a good supply of these chopsticks to make into all the hooks you order should be pretty close to this size.

As an alternative,if you like, you can simply click the "make a donation" box here in my blog and put "Ataxia" as your middle name in the Paypal information. I'll then make and send you a chophook (or as many as you'd like to pay for, simply indicate the number of hooks in the items box). I'll keep these donations separate and send the funds on to the foundation. This might be the easiest way for you to donate, but not the most effective; because Paypal has to get their chunk of the funds coming in. Still it all helps, even if it means helping Paypal too.

So there you have it.... make a donation... help blow Friedreich's Ataxia off the face of the earth.. plus you get a cool hook and a warm heart.. knowing that you're helping cure a truly heartbreaking affliction.

Win win, eh?

At last, thank you to all who have donated already! And thanks in advance to all who are about to do the same..... and Merry Christmas!



Megan said...
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Megan said...

Hey Jim,

I posted a link to your post on crochetville. I'm not able to help donate at this time, but I hope that the post on cVille will help.


Melissa said...

This sounds like such a good thing! Unfortunately I am unable to donate money at this time. How long will you be running the donation thing? I would love to do so in a week or two.

Jimbo said...

Thanks so much for your post in the 'Ville, Megan. I intend to do a post there as well when we get back and i'm able to make lots more hooks and dedicate more time to the cause. Your help is greatly appreciated!
And Melissa, don't worry. I'll keep this project running for as long as I can make hooks. And thank you!

angelfire said...

I think what you are doing is wonderful. I received my hook and I love it. It is fun and even my Dh thinks that you had a very novel idea.

Addey said...

You rock!!
It is always heartbreaking when the kiddos suffer. I'll see if I can wrangle up some dough from the change cup.

Sherri said...

Ok Jimbo,
I sent my donation, I do pray this is the miracle money they need for a cure. I cant wait to get my hook:) What a great way to get a new meaningful hook! Thanks, Your friend Sherri

vicki said...

jim, i can donate but not till the 31st i will let ya know when i do thanks my friend for bringing this disease out of the woodwork and out into the public eye whata horrible disease for these kids to have to go thru this awful disease. god bless you

Jo said...
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Sherri said...

I recieved my hook in todays mail. I LOVE IT! Thanks its differant and Im happy to add it to my collection. Your friend Sherri

Debbie said...


I made a donation of $10, but forgot to put ATAXIA in the middle name of the box. I really want the hook also.

Please email me if there is a problem.

Dao said...

Hi Jim,

I am going to link this post to my blog, hopefully somebody will see it over there and make some donations. I will make a donation maybe next month. The chophook is a good idea, I always recycle the chopsticks for something else.

greetingarts said...

Just wanted to say I think you're doing a wonderful thing. And your hooks are just beautiful, too. Best wishes to you and yours, and I hope ataxia is a thing of the past by the time my own kids are grown.