Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kelle's Hook... or what we're going to do that might be fun

As you might know.. Kelle won the hook contest (see the Nov. 6 post below) and now has some tough decisions to make. As the winner, her prize is a Jimbo Hook, made to her specifications (with a little fine print about size and, oh little things like I can't make one from Krypton or Stilton Cheese... but otherwise she has pretty much her pick of what size and style hook she'd prefer.
Kelle's aware she's facing a ponderous decision and is agonizing over the choices as I peck away on this keyboard.
But what she's agreed to do is to let me kind of report on the progress of her hook, here in this blog. So if you'd like to follow along, I'll try to keep you up to date from selection of materials to a final picture of Kelle actually crocheting with her hook. Now doesn't that sound exciting!?

For one thing, Kelle has an unusual but not uncommon grip style, so her hook will need be selected from shapes that will best fit her hand.
Oh and just a little bit about Kelle. I've never personally met Kelle, although she lives here in Washington State not more than 300 miles from my house. Amazing, eh? And, besides being a high quality home designer, she's a good lookin hooker (crocheter) who has been crocheting since she was, well for 21 years so she must have started when she was about 3.
So come on back and follow along as the story from tree to Kelle's yarn transpires!

I'll just update this post so we don't loose track amongst all the auctions and contests and other incredibly fun stuff we do here on the Porch. heh.

Be back with more breaking news as it happens... stay tuned!

oh and please feel free to comment, to Kelle or me...kibbitz or whatever as we procede.

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stillwjo said...

Ok. I'm ready for the next contest. I found the typo in this post (" we don't loose track..."). I think that means it's hook #300 on Dec. 21. Am I right? Am I right?