Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Just now learned of Carol Alexander's kind link here with reference to Golda. Last time Carol mentioned Golda in her newsletter, my blog wasn't showing her picture, and that was a real let down. Now the picture is back! So if you just scroll down a few posts (to the October 16 post), you'll see and can read about this amazing lady. I'd try to post her picture again here, but that's what I tried before and the post went blank on me.. So please scroll down to meet this fascinating and charming lady!
Please if you can, write a little note to Golda in the comment section, mentioning where you are writing from. Golda doesn't have a computer but has friends who do.. and she'll appreciate hearing from you.

And thanks for stopping by!


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JoAnn said...

Hi Golda, I read what was written about you here. It is truly inspiring. I've been thru Montana a couple of times and loved it. I was raised in the city but am a country girl at heart. Thank you for all your charity work. I'm sure you are very inspiring to all those around you. I love to crochet (even tho it hurts now because of the arthritis in my thumbs)but I still keep at it. The very best to you Golda. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. JoAnn from Selma, Oregon.