Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Catherine and Beth are the high bidders!
Thanks to all who bid. New auction coming soon..... very soon.


Finally got to make a hook! Its been awhile since I've been able to drag my sorry... well you don't need to hear me whine. Lets look at a couple of hooks.

The top hook is done in the new style that is getting some really good reviews from customers. Its made with the short bowl, tapered sides, and slightly trimmed head at the lip to minimize hooking as loops are pulled from the shank, which is a good 3 inches long for gathering lots of yarn if thats what you've a notion to do. Its a J and overall about 6 inches long and made of, well a hardwood that I can't name, but I wisht I could cause I'd love to get more its so pretty. You don't see the lighter side which is a bright contrast to the umber on the side you see here. And the little indent forward of the 1" diameter bulb is shaped to snuggle with a pinky or ring finger, freeing the rest of your fingers and thumb to mess with your yarn.

And the bottom hook? This is a hand carved M, made from the old apple tree. Actually the hook was started way back when i first started making hooks so its almost a Jimbo relic. I found it on my not so tidy workbench the other day. All it had left to finish was the bowl, so I did that and here you are... an original original. The darker streaks you see are traces of the bark which I like to leave on hooks like this to remind you of the tree that donated the hook.
Its about 6 1/2 inches long overall.

I'll take bids on these beauties till oh lets say 10pm Pacific Std time next Tuesday, Nov. 13th.

As usual, you can emial your bids to me at

I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Catherine, who was high bidder on the Golda hook (see below) is back for more. She's starting us with $10
Lisa is in for $20
JoAnn says $30
Catherine's up to $32.50

Catherine is here too with $10
Becky Bumps Bid (this is starting to sound like the Berenstain's B book, eh?) to 20Bucks
Deb says $22
Beth's big Bump: $35.50(sorry, no B's in $35.50)

Thanks for stopping by!


Andy's Crafts said...

They both look wonderful!

Lisa said...

OK, Jimbo, I lose track of these auctions too easily! I'll never win one of those egg hooks at this rate. Can I commission one in as small a size as is comfortable for you (G? H?)? Just let me know what would be doable for you-

Jimbo said...

You got it Lisa.... sorry about the auction thing.

ok now about egg hooks. they're just a little touchy as to egg size and overall length. So I suggest you grab yourself something common, say like a golf ball, hold it as if there was a hook sticking out of it and see how it feels... then reach your fingers to where your imaginary yarn is on your imaginary hook and measure from the center of the ball to where you think the hook end should be. Make sense? I can do an H... G's are getting a bit teeny for me to do although once in awhile one happens.