Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Actually this photo is a winner too! Click to enlarge.. its worth it! This isn't the crick... its my sister in law's house over in North Bend on the West Side of the state. This is the view from her kitchen! Eileen put Karol and me up for a couple of nights. Great hospitality and well you can see the setting was just kind of incredible!

Ok ok you're interested in who won the contest for the free pick-whatever-you-want hand-made Jimbo crochet hook? Well we do have a winner. In fact we had three winners so I had to do the highly technical "who gets the shortest straw" to determine the winner.

But first let me thank everyone who took the time to enter. I know it was a hard contest and it must have taken quite some time to read all those boring blog entries in search of clues. But three folks either found them or had very lucky guesses.

The clues? The April 14th post told you the date of the post where the mystery hook is (April 30). Then the April 3 post told you the hook designation "hooke", which loosely translated is Hook E. So the winning picks found April 30, hook E.

Maria, Laura, and Kelle all discovered the mystery hook! Stacey came incredibly close too, but missed the date hint.

So anyways who drew the short straw???



Kelle has been faithfully entering my contests... in fact I think she's entered them all.... and her patience has paid off!!

If its ok with Kelle... I'll report here on her selection and the progress of her hook as it's being made.

AND because I feel so bad for making the contest so hard, I'm going to do another one real soon.... so keep checking back.

Oh.. and I also apologize for not posting much lately. Karol was in a rollover accident a few days ago. She's doing pretty well but is bruised and sore... and then I got a touch of the flu. So things have slowed down a bit here. But we're both due to get better soon and one of my first priorities is to get some more hooks for auction (and maybe a prize?).

Oh and Kelle? Would you please email me with specifications for your winning hook?

Thanks again everyone for entering!!



Erin said...

Awww, Mr. Jimbo!! I picked the right date, just the wrong hook! Are you sure it wasn't hook B? ;-) Congratulations to Kelle! What a lucky lady!

Kelle said...

I almost squealed out-loud in delight when I found out I won!! Now comes the hard part, deciding what I want! :) Much thankage Jimbo! You are incredibly generous...