Monday, August 13, 2007

Look at the deck that hooks built!!!

Ok its not quite a porch yet, but we finally got to saw wood and pound nails! And all the materials you see in this picture were purchased from crochet hook sales!! Imagine that!! and the decking itself will be paid for that way too, when the funds build back up to that point.
Oh its just so great to see something other than concrete pilings sticking up out of the ground!
My son Clint, and grandsons Clinton (7) and Colton (4) and I worked hard this past week-end, building what you see. And now all that's left for the side porch is a little chunk of framing on the south end of the 8 x 16 part, some bridging, and we'll be ready for the decking.
So what you're looking at is the large part of the side deck which is actually the main entrance to the cabin. The 4 posts you see sticking up will each be part of a 5 log bundle, with 4 longer but smaller diameter (5") logs bolted to each of the larger treated posts and extending up to support the roof. The longer logs will be taken from my little forest and will be used to support a roof which will cover that part of the porch. The long narrow part you see will be a walkway from the larger area (with the posts as corners) to the front porch which isn't framed yet (LOTS more hooks need be made to finance THAT part of the project).
Digging holes and pouring concrete is good honest work, and it's exercise that gets something productive done (as opposed to going to the gym). But i tell you there's nothing to me like working with wood!! Love it, even if i'm slow and inaccurate and my more accomplished carpenter friends and relatives will look and smile, knowing they could do better... I don't care. WE did it! And by WE I am by all means including you guys who've been so supportive.
Might not be this year, but I'm thinking by this time next year i'll be whittling my first hook on the actual for real "Jimbo's front porch"!!
So, I best be busy making more hooks for auction; there's a long ways to go... but its sooooo good to actually see something raising above the ground!!

All this, Thanks to you guys!!!

I'm very grateful



naomi said...

Oooo, Jimbo, it's lookin' good already ! Now just which part did I help pay for (lol)

angelfire said...

that is awesome....great start. I can just see you sitting on the porch whittling this fall.

DixieRedHead said...

looks good Jim! I love the color of that wood,too!

Andy's Crafts said...

Are we invited to the BBQ!. Looks very nice!

vicki said...

jim, wow thats awqesome, i love your hooks without them i would not be able to produce all the things i have, i am so glad you have made these awesome hooks and it is helping pay the way. thanks for letting me help too i agree we invited to the bbq? hugs