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Auction is ended! Wow what a day!!


The auction is closed. Please refer to the bids below to see if you were high bidder. If you were, please check the "make a donation" box to use paypal for payment and to pass your shipping address on to me. If you choose not to use paypal, please email me for other arrangements.

Thank you all for bidding!!

PLEASE click on the image (although the download time is long... you'll see lots better detail)

I've been busy, as you can see, making hooks and as you can also see, I got me a Stacey brand prize winning Dixie Redhead Genuine pine cone and evergreen tree doily (That redhead does some incredible work, eh?) Well eat your hearts out.... its NOT up for bids. This has become a full fledged Jimbo family heirloom and will have an honored spot up in the cabin)

Ok.. here's what we have for bids. First let me tell you about the bowl. Its Maple and made from a tree that was destined for the chipper. I salvaged a few chunks and wow what beautiful wood! The bowl is about 6 1/4 inches in diameter and about an inch and a half deep. Its finished with a beeswax so its good for food but i certainly wouldn't serve dip or anything that would require washing.

Now the hooks:

Lets start with the bottom, the go from left to right.

The bottom hook is a new one for me. It's between a J and K sizewise, and has a constant diameter from the point of the hook to the handle of 5 inches. The hook is designed to be used for bullions. In other words the hook shape is tapered on the sides and the hook is formed shy of the shank to maximize clearance for loop removal.
Its made of genuine Deadman Crick Bush Maple.

Now the far left hook (L1). Its an L and made of Deadman Crick Briar. About 6 1/2 inches long, with an interesting sort of Harry Potter kind of elongated lightning bolt grain fleck alongt the handle by the thumb rest. Interesting little squiggle, not to take away from the rest of the grain. Very pretty.

Ok the next to the left (L2) is smack between a K and an L, made of the same Briar but a lighter color version. Its 6 1/4 inches long and has a little flat spot at the handle end to keep it from rolling off the table. (actually the hook kind of decided the flat spot should be there and I didn't have the heart to turn it down further to get rid of it)

Now comes the center hook (C). Its obviously an "egg" hook. Its made of Deadman Crick Apple (the good old tree is STILL donating hook material!). The bulb part is about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and its about 5 1/2 inches long. Oh, and its a 7 sizewise (between an H and a G). Amazing grain as you can see.

Ok now we're on the right side. The first hook just to the right of the bowl (R1), is also a 7 but a bit longer (7 inches). If you like the grain on this really beautiful chunk of Deadman Crick Briar, you otta see the back side! Oh this one is just amazing. And really unique. You see the little dark line running along the handle? How'd that get there? And there's some little bug tunnels in the handle end, but i promise the bugs are gone.

Next we have R2. Can you believe another 7 ? It started out an H but shrunk. Must have been the high protein diet. Anyways its also Deadman Crick Briar and has highly contrasting grain color. Its 6 1/2 inches long.

Now its R3. Another beauty, but this time an H. Its also Deadman Crick Briar (that stuff is just amazing!). Again the grain is just, well you have to see it up close. Now this one has a teeny little crack in the handle end that's inconsequential, but I just HAD to tell you. I'd have turned it down further beyond the crack but then you wouldn't have the proportions you see here. This is just a beautiful hook and i think the little flaw adds character. Like ME... i have LOTS of character!

And the Bowl (B) I already told you about that. Its fun making them and seems like a good thing to do with wood that would otherwise become chips or fireplace smoke. The wood is just too pretty to waste. I'm hoping it sells well cause I'd like to make more. Oh and there'll be $5 shipping added for the extra weight.

You can send bids to me through my Yahoo email at

I'll try hard to post bids as they come in and will close the auction next Wed. night (Aug. 22) at 10pm Pacific Std time.

I'll list bids below...

Hook B (the bottom hook):
Deb's bid: $25
Bonnie brings it up to $30
I'm bumping Deb up to $35

Hook L1:
Melissa Mmmm $25
Maurine's here with $27.50
Melissa with a little bump to $28

Hook L2:
Suzan's a first time bidder! Welcome!!! oh yah her bid is $25
Oh but here's Wildthing with $26
ANNNND Suzan is back with $30!
Ann is here! and bids $32

Center hook (C):
Tracey bids $25
Beth's here with $30
Tracey's back with $35
Beth's BIG BUMP to $55!!
Oh my!! Tracey's back with $57!!

Hook R1:
Tracey bids $15
And HoosierD raises it immediately to $20
Bonnie's here too with $25
Tracey bumps it to $30

Hook R2:
Paulette!! Yeah!!! $15
Miranda bumps it to $25
Wildthing wants this one too... $26
(come on come on Wild thing.. you make my heart sing.. you make everything... groovy ((LOVED that song!!))
Impressed with the "hot time summer in the city" song... Miranda bids $30

Hook R3:
Tracey bids $25
JennyM raises to $30
Tracey comes back with $35
JenyM says $37
Tracey: $39
Jen's going $41!!
Tracey is determined...$43

The bowl:
Elizabeth's first in with $25
Stacey's here with $30
Elizabeth's back with $35
Stacey and Elizabeth both bid $40 but rather than cut the bowl in half, the bid goes to the first bidder... Elizabeth gets the $40 bid! (sorry Stacey)
Bonnie bids $42

Oh and if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Thanks for stopping by!

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