Thursday, August 09, 2007

FOUR IN A BOWL are SOLD to Deb and Jen

Thanks for your bids!


Just had to show you the maple bowl i made from a locally grown tree. I never get tired of looking at wood grain. So beautiful.

And there's hooks too! I've got a little selection of pretty hooks here that are up for bids. Actually 3 of them are fresh off the ranch. I ran across a briar bush last week-end that had some dead branches among the inch long thorns, just teasing me to reach in with my little saw. So the wounds are now scabbing over (not a purty sight) but i did get the sticks and they're now very durable little crochet hooks. Pretty grain too. So I guess it was worth the effort. The other is a Yew hook that i didn't have to work so hard for.... but purty nonetheless.

Don't think i'll auction off the bowl. I'm saving it for a Christmas gift. But major expenses are arising for the porch (update coming soon)... so the hooks are up for bids.

I'll take bids on these till next Wednesday night (Aug. 15th) 10 PM Pacific Std time.

You can send bids to me through my Yahoo email at

I'll try hard to post bids as they come in (but i'll be up at the crick over the weekend so some posts might be a little delayed)

ok lets look at the hooks in detail....

and I'll post the bids after each description

Starting from the left we have

Hook B (for bowl) 1: This is a 7 inch long briar hook that believe it or not, broke the F barrier....(another rarity for a Jimbo hook). But this briar is some tough stuff and the little hook size seemed to come out just fine. You'll see i left on some bark for character... to remind you of the hook's home up on the crick.
Bids on B1:
Deb bids $50 right off the bat!!

Hook B2 (second from left) is a 7 1/2 inch long K, made from the same briar that got me all scratched up. This one has a little highly figured grain area on the thumb rest that intregued me... along with the oh so nice wavy grain along the length of the handle.
Bids on B2:
Jen is here and bidding! $20
But so's Becky... $25
Jen, like Arnolt, is BACK, this time with $30

Hook B3 decided it wanted to be a K too... but a shorter version. This one's 6 1/4 inches long and is made of the trecherous briar. Very pretty, slightly lighter grain color than B2 but has a subtle beauty that just seems right for this hook size.
Bids on B3:
And Deb bids $50 for this one too!!!

Hook B4 (I made it B4 I made the others) is a little fella in that rarified G size atmosphere. Its twiggie slender, as you see, and is about 6 1/4 inches long. Its the yew hook i told you about earlier. I like yew because its such a pretty ruddy color, it's toughness, and the grain's almost always pretty (and this one's certainly no exception). I left the handle end with knife marks because they look like gem facets.
Bids on B4:
Beth from Canada bids $25
Bonnie raises the bid to $30
And can you believe it!? Deb's here to make some dough for the porch! She's in for on this one too.... $50!!!

So there you go... Happy bidding and thanks for stopping by!


ThreeOliveMartini said...

he screw the hooks.. i want that BOWL!

maple is my all time favourite wood !!

angelfire said...

the hooks are beautiful...but they are out of my price range...way to go Jimbo...someone wants all that you make. I love the bowl much talent in those hands of yours