Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'M PUBLISHED!! CHECK "CRAFT: transforming traditional crafts"

Click THIS!!

Well folks its happened! I got an article published. Sure its about how to make crochet hooks. In fact the hook you see in the picture is THE hook that was made for the article I wrote for "Craft: transforming traditional crafts" magazine!
WOOOOOO HOOOOOO I'm just plain thrilled is all.
And you know what makes it all even cooler!? This is the very SAME magazine, SAME issue that features on page 24, one of my favoritest crochetiers of all time, Regina Gonzalez of "Monster Crochet" fame!! Holey COW!!! To appear in the same magazine with Regina!! If i wasn't so far overweight, I'd be floating!

Ok ok... calm down

easy does it

I mean its not like you've just wrote an article for a prestigious magazine that'll be in every major bookstore in the, what, world???

wait a minute, YES IT IS!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!

okokok... enough. Folks'll think i'm bragging.

So thanks for stopping by!!



oops that just slipped out


WilBlg4Yrn said...

Congrats Jim.
I will look for the magazine when I get a chance.

Jenny Moore said...

That is just too cool! Going to have to go buy that one when I can find it! Congratulation!!!!

DixieRedHead said...

congrats to u jim, u deserve it!!

naomi said...

Congrats Jimbo !

Now I just hope I can find that magazine.

angelfire said...

Bragging rights rule LOL Now I have to go buy the magazine...for the Monster crochet lady's article...just joking...brag away

ThreeOliveMartini said...

i want an autographed copy! LOL

vicki said...

jim that is awesome, congratulations. now i must search and find this magazine , if i send it to ya when i get it will ya autograph it for me:D, thats way cool, and i agree about regina, i bought a book of (kooky crochet was called) crochet patterns and both reginas bbq with all the trimmings tbone steak, hamburgers hot dogsd ect. was in it and the crochetdudes glass holders were in it. way cool to know talented people who get published. now i can add you to the list hehehe, hey your entitled to jump up and down, just be careful not to fall like i did and hurt your whitling hand. next time dd goes to titlow beach i am gonna ask her to snag me some madrona thats just hanging over the water, if i get it will send ya some :)

ladylinoleum said...

You are just one of the most special people I know. I am so happy for you. Your talent is spectacular! Much deserved my friend! Kudos!!!