Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Porch Progress

An update on the porch. We pretty much finished the deck on the side porch!! Yeayah!! The picture you see is the deck with the chair I built from scraps a couple years ago and put on the deck so you'll get an inkling of the view from the whittler's chair. The front, when its done will be all the more purtier cause the house won't block the view.

Thank all of you who sent Birthday wishes and did blog entries publicizing my hook auctions! That was so kind and thoughtful. My best advertisers are my customers, and i really appreciate your kind wishes and help!



Andy's Crafts said...

Great COntest , Come on people come and play. I will promote it at Crochet Depot

Lov2Crochet said...

I am promoting it on my blog as we speak!


angelfire said...

I have done my thing..hope it gets some action on your blog because I attached the blog address to my idea

Marvie said...

Count me in! I'll whip up a blog post about it too =)

Anonymous said...

I am blogging, on all 4 of my blogs, and will continue to do so until the 12th. (Even with my rug rat climbing me)

Jenny Moore said...

Porch is looking great!

I'm currently figuring out what's going on for me on the 12th and working on ways to promote International Crochet Day other then on my blog (which I will be doing as soon as I get time to blog again...). You should get my entry this weekend!!!