Friday, August 31, 2007


(just couldn't resist including a shot of the crick and the bridge we built)

Ok back on topic...
Please take a look at the hook give away contest, two entries below this one and consider entering the contest for the Cocobolo hook. Its a real beauty and the idea for the give away is to promote a crochet holiday. Its catching on, with numerous folks blogging about it and posting in crochet forums. We even have a proposal for an International Crochet Day mascot... a nekkid sheep (naked to you more civilized folk).
Ok now just to let you know.. i'll be going up to the crick with another half ton of decking this week-end, and some ceement for making piers to support THE FRONT PORCH! YESSSSS!!
So i'll be away for a few days. I'll hopefully have some more hooks for auction then, so PLEASE drop by and check them out.

I'm also hoping to find lots of entries for the hook. Please too, note that this is an INTERNATIONAL holiday, so if you're anywhere outside the USA, Please enter and help promote the holiday in your country!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!



vicki said...

hi jim, hope ya have a great weekend. send ya the money via paypal lol hope all is well have lots of fun

angelfire said...
you can check out the mascot here
I hope you had fun this weekend and I look forward to the next roun d of hooks. WOW $70 for a hook, you will be definitely getting that front porch done soon.

Lisa said...

Here I go....making my post to let you know I'm making a post right this minute for the Sept 12th crochet day!!!

Great idea!!