Thursday, August 23, 2007



Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to give this hook away in another Jimbo Hook
Giveaway contest.

Ok so now for the contest. I appreciate the suggestions for contest format, from those who took the trouble to consider such a thing. Thanks!! But here's what I decided in my mischevious little brain.....

I have thought for a long time now that the art of crochet and those who practice the art deserve some significant recognition. And so in my great power as the Ruthless Tyrant of my vast hook empire have decided to declare that Sept 12, 2007 will be a Holiday that I'm cleverly calling "International Crochet Day". I'm giving everyone who works for me (ME) a day off. You just go ahead and take the day off too.... tell'em Jimbo said it's ok (see where that gets you!)

I don't know about you, but I'm giving the Beautiful Bubinga hook away. No, dummy its not Bubinga.. its Cocobola. Anyways i'll give the hook away that day. What are YOU going to do?? Hmmmmmm?

That's where your contest entry comes in. You can email me at my Yahoo address:

Or better yet you can enter by posting a comment below. If you have a blog please link it in the comment so folks can come visit to see what you're doing to promote the day.

And give this serious thought, cause I'm going to hold you to it. Tell me in your entry what you're going to do on International Crochet Day, and what you are going to do between now and then to promote the holiday. I'll be watching! Jimbo has eyes in places.....well you don't want to know.

I'll randomly select the winner from the entries.

Ok so here we go!! Who knows, maybe this could snowball into a real Hallmark kind of holiday!! Lets see if we can make Sept 12 a day for Crochet!


Bytheway.... this hook is an H, sizewise!! Purty eh?



Jenny Moore said...

OMG... I WANT!!!

DixieRedHead said...

how about guess the number between 1-1000. *wink*

aija said...

How about a contest that has people linking back to your blog? More exposure for you from their readers, and a beautiful hook for one of the lucky few who help out?

(Have fun w/ the new deck!)

StitchLuva and Yarn said...


Happy Birthday Jimbo and many, many more. Good things come to good people.

Kare said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Jimbo
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

(And yes, it is very purty!)

catscradle said...

That is gorgeous! I want it...

I like Aija's idea about the linkage.

BTW, happy birthday!

Netter said...

Kari sent me... to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! Eat lots of cake...lots and lots.

Your hooks are lovely! How about we get our name in a hat for wishing you a Happy Birthday today. Or for suggesting a contest idea. Better yet, you get your name in the hat once for each time you write the word LOTS. Because I think I would be a step ahead of the other entries because I like the word Lots and I use it lots too. (Yeah, I know "a lot" is proper but, I like to be a rule breaker.) lol, OK seriously, Have a lovely day and eat lots and lots of cake....I can't stop myself!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Jimbo! How about the winner is whomever guesses closest to your exact time of birth (if you know it yourself, heck, if not, make one up).

Have a good one!

loopy1 said...

I'm not good at lots of stuff like this. Guess the number between 1-1000, have us link to your blog lots, put our name in the hat lots of times if we use the word lots a lots, try lots of times to guess the exact time of your birth. The lots of ideas all sound good to me. You can only pick one though, not lots of them. Or choose one of your own.

How did lots of folks know it was your birthday? I didn't see lots of information about your birthday.

Anyway, lots and lots of Happy Birthday wishes to you and I just loved it lots what you wrote about your wife. That is so beautiful!

And I can't tell you how much I want this hook or any Jimbo hook but it's lots and lots and lots and lots.

Thank you lots (my mother used to say that lots of times, really!) for another contest. Please have lots more because that's probably the only way I'll ever have a Jimbo hook.

Anonymous said...

How about a four-line poem about the hook?

angelfire said...

Happy Birthday Jimbo. I hope you had a great day.
About the contest, I will have to think on that one.
There are so many deserving people and so few hooks.

angelfire said...

How about a contest to see how many words can be made from
"Jimbo's Front Porch" with no proper names oe places

Yasmin said...

Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday and many more to come! Have a great day and year.
How about winning the hook by simple asking for it??? " May I have that hook , Please ?" I promise to love it and cherish it all my life. And it'll get plenty of petting and will be displayed lovingly too!!!!

AuntyM said...

How about a "Name this Hook" contest?

Kimberly said...

Jimbo, No great ideas on how to win the hook....but I do know whoever wins it will cherish it immensely! I absolutely love my little egg hook that I bought!

Bonne Anniversaire Monsieur Jimbo! Felicaitations dans le date de ton naissance! J'espère que tu as passé une bonne journée et une grande fête pour ton anniversaire!

Erin said...

Hello Mr. Jimbo,

I am new here! Your hook is beautiful. I would like to know: Do you make wooden cases, too? My grandmother had one that I love, but I can't find one like it anywhere (and with the advent of the internet, that's a pretty big deal!)


Crochet said...

I can't think of an idea to win hook, but I wanted to comment that not all of us have blogs to link you to, so that may not be a good idea (no one wants to read what I write anyway. ;) )

Sharon - DoD

Jenny Moore said...

What about a simple drawing for those that offered up ideas for a contest? Or at least attempted to come up with an idea for a contet?

Happy belated birthday by the way! Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!

Daisy said...

Jimbo, hope you had a fantastic birthday!


Dear Jimbo,
I came upon your site while looking for handmade crochet hooks. I came across this site and saw this lovely one, I think this lovely hook,Looks like a rocketing "HUMMING BUBINGA BIRD"
I think you should have your contest participants use their imagination as to what the hook looks like to them, and vote what what made you smile, for you made it and creating brings joy.
Plus you could use THAT NAME For future creations, Say you wanted to make a NEW LINE of hooks, You could create a "HUMMING BUBINGA BIRD" in all sorts of poses, LIke one wing up, carve a tail onto it, or some eyes. or just carve the name on each one you make. Hope you like the idea, see my spinning fibery adventures on my blog!
blessings, grace

WilBlg4Yrn said...

how about a hook haiku contest?

Pam said...

I'm late, Happy Belated Birthday Jimbo!
OK, corny idea, but throw a dart at a map of the world, then blog the location the dart landed, then the first person to email from that location wins.

Judy said...

In my Own little way I'm going to BUG my friends who have said they will "get back into" crochet - and work on my friend to finish the baby blanket I helped her start LAST YEAR!! She needs a "tiny" push :>)

I think I'll get them making squares for Project Linus blankies - that's not too huge a project to get them "hooked" on

Emily said...

Here's my contribution. I've made an announcement on my blog. Plus I posted a free pattern for a naked sheep -the suggested mascot for Crochet Day!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. The shape reminds me of how my grandmother's hands looked when she was lovingly touching all her yarns and fabrics when I was a child. I would like to enter please!!

Crochet Fanatic said...

Beautiful craftsmanship once again, Jimbo. Whoever wins this gorgeous gem is lucky indeed.

What will I be doing on International Crochet Day? Well....hmmmmm....crocheting, of course! That, and chasing my darling 3 year old around between stitches.
And I will pass the word around to all of my crochting pals!

Jenny Moore said...

Well, let's see - I posted on my blog about it, I've been bugging my friends and family about it - especially those that keep telling me they want to learn! - and I'm going to make a nekkid sheep! And then, I'm going to work all day in a clients office and afterwards I'm going to crochet until I can't crochet anymore at the hotel!

Whitney said...

On September 12th I will search for some new great crochet patterns, then shop for some new yarns, and hopefully when the kids go to bed begin something special just for me. Most of my projects have ended up being gifts for others. Beginning Internation Crochet Day I will start something for me!! That is how I will spend my day.

Oh, check out my blog: I have a link to you and the contest!!

Happy day,

Whitney said...

forgot the link in the last comment. It is

Anita said...

My husband and I have just started the process to adopt a child or sibling group that is currently living in foster care awaiting their forever family. I am working on crocheting animals for for him/her/them. We haven't decided if we will decorate the room with them, or fill the toy box my husband is making, or give a crocheted stuffed animal to our child/ren during our visits prior to him/her/them coming home forever.

International Crochet Day is a wonderful idea and I'll celebrate it by adding to my child/ren's growing animal kingdom!

wildthing1058 said...

Omg another perfect treasure from jimbo. As always you craft the most beautiful hooks that feel so dreamy in the hand.


Joy said...

On Int'l Crochet Day, I'll tell all (or most) of my friends about it and show them some things, in hope that they'll catch the crocheting bug. Let's see, I'll also post about the wonderful day on my blog and show off a few FO on Crochetville. Maybe.... I can even get a skein of yarn.... *heehee*

I won't have the post on my blog up tonight, but soon, I promise..

P.S. That's a gorgeous hook!

Joy said...

What a beautiful hook. Only beautiful things could be made from that hook. I would love to be selected. But I have a friend who would treasure this beautiful hook. I see that she has already posted a comment to your web site. She is waiting to adopt a child who needs a ton of love. To pass the time she is making small animals for the child to play with. I know that this hook would be treasured for a life time. Her name is Anita. She has pictured many of her new little creations on her blog check it out. Good luck raising the money. Her link is

angelfire said...

I posted a picture of Jimbo II on my blog, our official mascot thanks to Emily. I have gathered together all my supplies and I am ready to go to the church for crochet lessons and making presents for the Salvation Army for Christmas. I am even taking my treasured Jimbo hooks, including the one I received recently. What a wonderful surprise that was. I will envy the lucky person but I will also know that they have ben blessed with your gift.

BlessedWithDaughters said...

If one is permitted to cast votes for deserving folks, my vote is also for Miss Anita ( She is a dear, dear woman with a heart as big as all outdoors! I am blessed to call her friend...everyone should get to know her and be warmed by her encouragement and heart.

ALSO, she makes the most awesome crocheted dish scrubbies and dishcloths that she sends around the country to her friends and family. She is truly a giver of her handiwork...

Thanks for your consideration!

BlessedWithDaughters said...

Dear Jimbo,

I don't want to be an obnoxious commenter...just wanted to pop back over and let you know that I linked your blog in my most recent blog post in an effort to firm up my nomination of my friend, Anita.

Best wishes and Happy Int. Crochet Day tomorrow!


Cat's Cradle Creations said...

Ok, here's my post for International Day of Crochet.

Have a good day!

Tracey said...

Hey, Jimbo!! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow! I will post in my blog, what I'll be doing in lieu of International Crochet Day, and I'll link to your blog so others can see what it's all about!

Btw, that hook is absolutely gorgeous! I hope I can one day get my hands on one of your creations!

Anonymous said...

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