Tuesday, August 21, 2007



This is a brand new in the whole wide world crochet hook style that you're seeing for the very first time ever. For me anyway.
So here's the story. I got this little piece of Apricot branch from my son Lance while we were visiting in Portland last week-end. It had been chewed pretty thoroughly by his puppy, Louie Pee Wigglebottom, and drug around the back yard for a spell. Louie had tangled the stick up a couple times and Lance decided that it might end up hurting poor Louie... so he gave it to me. And here's what's left.

I wanted to make something unique to freeform crochet since I'm so absolutely taken with that style of art. This is what popped out of my feeble little mind.

Now I am not blessed with James Walters-like crochet abilities (wisht i was... but the best i can do is a weenie looking chain on a good day), but from my experience limited as it is... this is hands down THE BEST working hook I've EVER used, bar none.

How's it a freeform hook? WEll it tapers big time from a "K" size at the hook, to oh it must be about an "S" at the handle, so you can do an infinite variety of loop sizes between those two extremes; and the hook itself is done in what i call a bullion shape, with the sides tapered and the hook bent toward the gullet to minimize catching on loops collected on the shank. Plus the flowing grain shapes in this beauty is enough all by itself to inspire freeform work.

Its about 5 1/2 inches long and with the bulb and indent shape of the handle.. various grip styles can be used with comfort. You just have to play with it a bit to see the possibilities.

This is hook will be hard to part with. It feels too good to put down, let alone send off to a new home. Ah but it should go to a crochetier who can put it to good use, and the porch progress stops dead without funding, so... it's up for bids.

You can send bids to me through my Yahoo email at


I'll try hard to post bids as they come in and will close the auction at some time to be announced (since I'll be in and out over the next week).

I'll list bids below...
Ellen must think this hook will work.. she bids $25
And so does Lynn.... to the tune of $40
Mary's thinking $45 would be better
Elizabeth rather thinks $50 thank you.
Vicki, a fellow Warshingtonian, bids $55
Ah but Elizabeth will not be deterred and ups it to $60!!!
Holey cow!! Vicki is back with $70!!! AMAZING!!

Thanks for stopping by... and oh, if you have any comments on the hook shape etc, PLEASE leave a note. I'd really love to develop a strictly freeform hook line. So far this one looks most promising to me, but remember I'm not an accomplished crochetier like you.



Marvie said...

Jimbo that has got to be one of the prettiest hooks I have ever laid eyes on! And considering I have several of your lovely hooks, that's saying something =)

I don't do freeform, so I'd be no help with that. I just came to tell you it's simply gorgeous!

minky996 said...

That is gorgeous!!!! Once again, you never cease to amaze me! Keep up the Great work Jim!!!!

Andy's Crafts said...

I agree with Kathy, it looks great, and very handsome wood.

vicki said...

jim,i LOVE that hook shape i hope i win it :D

vicki said...

jim, i love thise hook, have not put it down much since you sent it its awesome, you have a major winner here thanks again for this awesom hook