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(you just HAVE to click on these images to really see this little guy!)

Yup, another visitor under the old apple tree! This happened just this past Saturday. There we were. Karol was in the cabin visiting with Bert, Sue, and Penny when she glanced out to see if there might be a deer down by the apple tree and there was this little black bear! Now I've seen bear there before, but never in the summer and never when i had a camera available. We watched the little guy munch on some leftover beans and part of the deer block we set out for the deer to chaw on till the apples get ripe. Never expected a bear to come and snack on the deer block... but then its bound by molasses so i expect the sweet scent in the heat (it got up to near 100F over the 4th weekend) attracted him/her. So i snuck up as close as i could (i knew it wasn't a baby so the mom wouldn't be around) and took these shots. Amazing.
And if you look close you'll see the old apple tree is growing another crop. Yup those are flapjacks. Ok ok its not growing flapjacks. My grandson Clinton and i put them there from an oversized batch we couldn't finish for breakfast. We decided to hang them on the tree and see what they might attract. Maybe they had something to do with bringing in the bear, eh?
And although i don't have photos (don't have the slightest idea why) but both grandsons, Clinton and Colton, caught their first fish from the crick. We have Brook trout there and a few Rainbow. The first fish came from just under the bridge we built a few years back and its near where i caught my first fish as well. The others came from some nicely shaded spots where the water runs a little deeper upstream. Colton (4) decided he wanted to keep his in the freezer. He gets it out now and then just to study it a bit, then puts it back. Clinton (7)the carnivore ate his. We breaded it and put it in some foil with some genuine Deadman Crick bacon grease (you gotta fry fish in bacon grease up on the Crick or i think the lightning would come down or something bad like that would happen)and fried it on the bbq. I thought he was going to bust his smiler, he was so proud. He was all saying "oh this is the best fish i ever ate!". Then last thing before he went to bed that night he popped his head out the bedroom door and said "Poppa, (he calls me Poppa) that was a really great fish, wasn't it?".
Oh it was just about the best time yet up on the crick. Even if yellow jackets tried to spoil the whole thing by stinging Clint on the cheek and me on the eye. Small price to pay. Very small.

ok on to biddness

I've tallied the votes and guess what? The left hook gets to be the give away and the right one is up for bids.

Now unfortunately, i had a little brain vapor lock and deleted the votes. I was going to automatically enter the voters in the contest but now i can't because i stoopedly deleted the messages. So please forgive me and send me your entries again so you'll have a chance to win.

I'll make this a short contest and anounce the winner this coming Monday night (July 16) 10pm. Please enter, no mater where you are. I love to hear from folks outside the US and ANYONE, ANYWHERE is more than welcome to enter all my contests. Just send me an email with a little note that you'd like to be entered in the July hook contest and i'll put you on the list. Remember the chances of winning this hook is about a million times better than winning the lottery, so don't hesitate to enter (but one time only, please). Then watch the blog come Monday night or Tuesday morning if you don't want to stay up late... and see if you've won.

And at the same time i'll takd bids on the J hook on the right of the picture. You can send me your bids and I'll try to post them as they come in. Bidding will close at the same time as the contest ends. Please send your entries and if you're bidding, your bids to me at


Ellen is first in with her bid for $15
And Bonnie bumps the bid (like those B's) to $20 bucks
Lindsay's in with a big raise to $30
Danielle bids $35
We're up to $40 with Debbie O's bid!


This is a twofer. The left hook is a prize.. just enter by sending me an email with a little note expressing your desire to enter the contest. The hook on the right is up for bids. Send your bids if you wish, by email as well. You can do both! Enter the contest for the H hook and bid on the J hook. Or you can just enter the contest. Or you can just bid. Oh the choices!!! Either way... i'm here at

The contest hook... the one on the left is a real beauty. You don't see the hook part because its on the bottom side and I wanted to show you this beautious srtip of dark grain in contrast to the almost white wood. The hook is an H and its about 7 1/2 inches long. It has a nice thumb rest on the opposite side (same side as the hook) and a crescent shaped section of bark that partly defines the thumb rest. A phemominal beauty made of the Deadman Crick Bramble.

The second hook (up for bids) is also Deadman Crick Bramble, is about 6 1/2 inches long and is a J sizewise. Its also a really beautiful hook but more subtle with the grain, with little flecks of tan and fits the hand like a glove. Another incredible hook. It was taken from a long thorny bramble down by the remains of my deceased brother Lance's house up on the Crick. I saw this little straight piece of bramble while out on a walk and it was practically screaming "I'm a HOOK, I'm a HOOK!!" So what could i do? I made it a hook and true to its words, it became one and a beauty at that!

Once again... enter or bid, or just say hi... write me at:



angelfire said...

the grain on the hook on the left is were right to picture it as you did. I think all those entering into the contest are blessed to be able to receive either hook.

Pink said...

I love that the grankidlets are so proud of their fish, made me feel all mushy...especially after giggling at the flapjack cute, but that bear would've scared me you-know-whatless!

Will Blog for Yarn said...

OOOOO bears do...
eat flapjacks in the woods!

I love the story of the grandkids and their first fish!

The hooks of course are gorgeous as usual.

Glasgow Lindsay said...

Thank you! I still cannot believe I won the hook how wonderful. It is too lovely for words. :0)

Momma Bear said...

Hey! Those cubs look familiar! Grrrrrrrrrin!