Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Whats an old fella to do... he gets up oh about 6am this past Saturday morning up on the crick, scratches, mosey's out to the front room, and yawning; takes a gander out the front window of the cabin. And what do his bleary eyes see?? This couple of freeloaders, trying to get the jump on apples from the old crochet hook donating apple tree. See what i mean about the old apple tree being so generous?
Plus i learned something about white tail bucks. Their antlers are used for more than gun racks. They'll poke their antlers up into the branches of the tree and shake their heads. The branches whip around and the poor apples fly, only to be chewed up by those clever bucks.
What a pretty sight. I was really lucky to bet there at the right time with my camera.
Bytheway...this was the same spot where the little bear was the week-end before (pic below).



Life's good up on the crick.

Just thought i'd share what i could.



angelfire said...

love the picture. It is great to watch deers when they are doing what comes natural. Better seeing them like that than as road pizza which we see alot in Wisconsin. I love going into the country to watch them frolic in the fields.

Pam said...

Black bears, wild turkeys, deer, (and I bet some cute little bunnies) how lucky are you?! Thanks for sharing!