Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Here we have three hooks made each of original Deadman crick wood. Lets get right into them....

The top hook is Deadman Crick Briar.. you know the one that the little white tail chased the turkeys around? Welp its from that briar wood, and it's got some real beauty grain wise. Sizewise it's an L and oh its about 7 1/2 inches long. This briar is one that typically makes me bleed. It has inch long needle sharp thorns that never fail to take just a small blood sample.

The middle hook is also from the briar patch, only from a little bit smaller branch. This one has just a bit of bark left on for character. I liked the bark on this piece because it was almost black and ooo does it have some grain! Oh.. and its an H size wise and 7 inches long.

And the bottom hook is made from the generous old apple tree. See the deer in the picture below? Those little bucks were stealing apples from the very tree where this hook came from. And the picture of the little bear? Yup, he's sitting beneath the very apple tree that donated this hook... and many many other hooks that have found their way around the world. Ok.. now this a real beauty too, and it has secondary features. The handle end is formed at an angle and when you look at it just so, it looks like a deer hoof. Now that's interesting, but the real nifty part is that the flat end of this hook, when you hold the hook end up, with your thumb on the top, doubles as a worry stone. You know those really smooth rocks you rub to ease tension?? Well this hook has those very therapeutic properties. yup. Size wise this is one of those rare size 7 hooks on the Bates gauge. Its the size between a G and an H rare because small sizes like that don't happen often. Oh and its about 6 1/2 inches long.

Now what would you bid for one of these hooks??? Hmmmmmm??? Well consider this!
You see that Nostepinde at the very bottom of the picture? The one made of genuine Deadman Crick Aspen?? That's about 10 inches long? Wouldn't you just love to make center pull yarn balls with such a beauty?? Well it can be yours..... FREE!! (small print here.... IF YOU'RE THE HIGHEST BIDDER OF THEM ALL).... Get it? Ok here's an example. Lets say the top hook has a bid of, oh $13,007.00, the middle hook has a bid of $7,695.00, and the bottom hook has a bid of $12,637.36. The lucky bidders on the middle and bottom hooks will get their hooks... but the bidder on the top hook will not only get the hook, but will win the Noste, because she/he had the overall highest bid. Get it?? Oh i shoulda been in marketing eh? (OKOK i know the hooks aren't worth thousands of dollars, i was just making up an example...but who knows? Maybe Bill Gates is shopping for gifts and...just sayin)

Ok ok... so this auction will carry through till next Wednesday, 10pm Pacific Std. Time when i'll announce the high bidders (and the one who gets the Noste).

Please send your bids to me by email at

I'll try to post bids as they come in.


Tracey bids $40.00

Maureen (from Australia!) bids $25
Tracey bids $40.00 (whoa... deja vu)
Deb O bumps big to $50.00!
Tracey's back with $55.00!
Deb O's wants an H and goes to $60.00!!
Holey Cow!! Tracey's back and the bid's up to $75.00!! My hands are shaking!

BOTTOM HOOK:SOLD!! NO MORE BIDS ON THIS ONE, PLEASE.... BILL DOESN'T LIKE TO MESS AROUND (just kidding about Bill... actually this one goes to an earlier bidder by a pre-arranged deal.)

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