Friday, July 20, 2007


I've been thinking awhile now about bullion hooks..... ever since i read someone's post about there not being such a thing as a good bullion hook. Well, if that isn't a challenge....

So here's my first attempt. I'm hoping for some input on this design. The hook is 7 1/2 inches long with about 2 full inches of constant shank diameter before it tapers out to the handle end. The hook is made so the head part over the gullet is smaller than the diameter of the shank..and shaped so loops can be slid off easier than on a regular hook.

Not considering bids on this hook....not yet anyways... but might if i get enough positive feedback.

On the other hand, I'd really apprecite input on the negative side too, if you see something that won't work.

The idea here is to develop a bullion hook that works. So if you've got input, please use the comment box or email me.



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angelfire said...

I think it looks quite workable...I like the style an the tapering part looks like it would hold the stitches as needed