Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Time's Up! Auction's over. Tracey and Debbie get the hooks

Thanks, everyone, for visiting and bidding!!!

(Extremely clickable photo... takes a bit to load but if you want to see up close and personal... click away!)

I'm adding a hook to this entry so the sensual lady will have an escort. The top hook is the one I added today and I just had to put it in cause I'm so proud that I finally broke the G barrier. Yup this is a G size hook!! Wahoo! Rare indeed. And I spect any more in the future will be rare too cause they like to break. Well they don't like to break.. they like to become hooks. But I get just a little too heavy handed with such tiny things... kind of like Lenny in "Of Mice and Men". But anyways the top hook is Deadman Crick Hazel Nut, with some dang purty grain. And its just shy of 7".

The other day I was giving a hook making lesson to Kathy S, a very good friend who crochets. I was showing her the hooks below that are up for auction and she commented on the sensual shape of the hook, and how it sort of relates to a slender female form. I guess i had some inkling of the shape, but figured it was just me..being an aficionado of the female form. But after Kathy's comment, I just HAD to make another, and here it is, accompanying the shorter G hook like a tall girl dancing with a shorter feller.
This hook is made from the Deadman Crick Bramble and has beautiful grain, but just a little knotty. heh Also, and you don't see it in the picture, but there's a tiny little bug track just forward of the grip that was no doubt made by a very sensual little Deadman Crick bug (not there anymore, i promise).
Size wise its an H and true to its slender form, is VERY lightweight but strong. Its about 7 1/2 inches long with a little flat on the handle end to discourage it from straying when you set it down (but it's soooooo smooth, its hard to put it down).

I'll take bids on these hooks till next Wednesday night 10pm Pacific Std time.
You can place your bids by emailing me at


I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Thanks for stopping by!

Broke the G barrier hook::
And Bonnie breaks the Bid barrier with her's... $20.00
Tracey bids $25 on the G
Jennifer M's goin to $30
Tine wades in (she lives in the flood plain in the UK), at $35
Hope you stay dry, Tine... we're all pulling for you!
Jennifer is back, this time with a bid of $40.
Tracey bids $45!

Lean Lady H
Deb's in for $35
Jennifer bumps it to $40
Deb's back with $45
Ro W bids $50!!
Wowah Deb's back in with $55!!


angelfire said...

loved clicking to check out the grain. They are indeed graceful and beautiful. OF COURSE!!!!!

Pink said...

You just knock my crocheted socks off! They are gorgeous and I never get tired of looking at the new ones. Mine are getting ready for a long haul flight and possibly an english winter :(