Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All Around the Bramble Bush the Whitetail Chased the Turkeys

(You gotta click on the image to get the big picture)

"All around the briar bush,
The turkey chased the white tail...
And Jimbo got his finger pricked-
all for Crochetville!!!"

Ha!!! A pome written by Krystall16 over in, in a thread about a hook i made, after bleeding a little, from the bramble bush you see on the right of the fir tree in the photo. The bush has these long sharp thorns and... well it ain't a purty picture.

Anyways, earlier there was a little white tail buck chasing a small herd of turkeys (all in the photo if you look close) around the bush where the hook stick came from.

Just thought i'd post proof that there really was a deer and turkeys and a bramble bush... and a hook. A photo of the hook's posted over in the Ville under a heading "Teasers!! (SECOND sneak peek is here!)" for an auction they're having (go to Take a peek if you've an interest.

I spect there'll be more hooks coming from that bush, as soon as my marrow can replenish my blood supply.

More later

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DixieRedHead said...

that is a beautiful pics Jimbo!

angelfire said...

that is a great to watch wildlife scampering around.

jim said...

I am so ready for the hunting season. Everytime I drive to work I see deer on the side of the road and it makes me go nuts!

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