Tuesday, June 05, 2007

BIRCH Q(tee) SOLD Bidding Closed...JUDY GETS THE HOOK!!

images enlarge when clicked and show my dirty fingernails... sorry. They just refuse to get clean after I've been weeding..and I can't make myself wear gloves)

Here's a birch Q from the old dying Birch tree in my back yard.

If you look closely, you won't see a hook formed. Its a new invention! Hookless Crochet!! And they say there isn't a June Fools day!

No I purposely left off the hook gullet (and finish too, I might add), so the high bidder can select where the gullet should go (oh and I'll add finish at that time too). MY selection would be for the hook gullet to be on the same side as my thumb, so the smooth curved handle end would nestle the "judo chop" part(i didn't do so well in anatomy)of my hand as you see in the photo.
Anyways, this hook has a bit of "bluing" that lots of folks prize in pine boards.Never saw it in Birch before but here it is. I also left a ring of bark at the handle end. Birch branch bark is so pretty; such a deep maroon... I hope it will stay on the hook (it has a tendancy to fall off over time).
Also... if you click the images, you'll see what looks like little ribs along the hook shank. That's grain effect, the shank is as round as my belly.

Oh, and that round rust colored spot by my thumb? Its another bit of bark that might get whittled off if the high bidder decides she/he wants a thumb rest (which i'll throw in as well).

This Q could well be the most comfy huge hook you own. Heck it could just be THE most comfy hook you own.

I'll take bids till Monday 10pm Pacific Std time by email at

I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Oh.. by the way... when you bid, please consider that due to our wonderful postal system who almost doubled my postage.. please include $2.00 for postage if you're the high bidder.

Thanks for stopping by!

ps..more hooks coming soon if this rain keeps up.


Judy Judy Judy (notice my Cary Grant voice?)! Judy is a very welcome first time bidder and bids $10.00

Rhonda jumps in with $15.00
Judy x3 (i'm getting lazy) bumps it up to $18.00

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angelfire said...

Savannah loves this hook...it is almost her hockey stick hook