Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vern the Cement Mixer

Busy Memorial Week-end!
This is a picture of one of those things that exemplify Patina. Here is a cement mixer that's been in my family for its entire working life. This mixer helped make footings for relative's houses, blocks for finishing basements, and now it putts away, making footings for Jimbo's front porch. It must be 50 years old and still runs perfect. What a joy to have the old fella start on the first pull after a long hard and very cold winter.
Its named Vern after it's last owner, Vern... my brother in law who passed away here a couple years back. I inherited it, and hope that i can put it to as nobel
use as Vern did, adding a little patina of my own.
We had as many as 25 folks up at the cabin over the long week-end. Relatives and good friends. Russ, Jim, Bobby, Clint, Tim, and I dug and poured 9 pier footings with old Vern doing the mixing. It was glorious!
It rained hard for part of the week-end, and that was glorious too. Listing to rain on the roof, and looking at the steam raising off the mountains in a tired calm following hard work is a feeling thats just hard to explain.

The picture above was taken from the front of the cabin. Difference between this shot and the one in the post below is the time the picture was taken. This last one was taken in the early evening just after the rainstorm when the setting sun lit up a strip of hillside. I'll never get tired of that view, probably because it changes so much with the light.

So anyways.. no hooks for auction today. Maybe tomorrow eh?

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ladylinoleum said...

So happy to hear that you had a wonderfully productive weekend! Vern's a workhorse.

The view is heavenly to be sure.

angelfire said...
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JoAnn said...

Oh Jimbo! How glorious indeed! I can only see this picturesque view thorugh your photo's, and how wonderful. Thank you for sharing again, this is such a great story, and to watch it unfold in real life is more precious, your dream comming alive, and real! Many blessings to you and yours Jim
Hugs and Bugs